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60086 Ameiko Kaijitsu, Pathfinder bard


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I was on a painting kick last week at the Reaper ArtistCon. Here is Ameiko Kaijitsu, a key non-player character (NPC) in the new "Jade Regent" Adventure Path for Pathfinder. The concept art is by Wayne Reynolds, so the gear is complicated: link to concept art. (Paizo flipped the art for the cover, making Ameiko left-handed, after Patrick Keith had sculpted the figure!)

I did a few minor conversions: added the loose locks of hair, filled out some of the cloth at her waist, and scraped the sides of her sword to make it a little narrower.









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oh my gawd! Ok, you can tape that pic back onto the cover now :lol:


Fantastic work of art, Derek. I love her face. I also love the addition, epically her hair extensions. I've got this one coming from Reaper so I haven't had a chance to really get a look at the fig but I'll have to compare her hair to yours & might have to try the conversion.


Again, excellent representation of the Wayne's artwork. Hey, look at this way, now that she is left-handed, she'll kick more creature tail in the JR adventure path. :devil:


(PS, any idea if Shalalu's updated look is coming to figure form or the viking guy off the 3rd Jade Regent book?)

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WOW, you have been on quite a tear! I think my favorite part of this one is the inlay towards the hilt of the blade. It's those little details that you add (and your masterful understanding of expresions and light) that always put your figures over the top for me.


Very Cool.



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Awesome work as always. Very nice freehand...but for me it loses the NMM along the tip of the sword. And the highlights in the hair look undercooked. If I had the talent, that is where I would focus some more effort. That and the lute/mandolin/fiddle? looks like it is bowed strangely in the middle. Wouldn't light catch along the strings toward the middle and not the two ends?


Still, I will have to try and replicate your freehanding. So nice!

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Thanks, everyone!


@Ironhammer, @Kuro Cleanbrush: Yes, I think I'll be teaching my class on faces again next year. You're welcome to come up and talk to me outside of class, too, and I'll also have a one-on-one class available.


@haldir: Yeah, maybe she's hindering herself on purpose, just so she can say, "I'm not right-handed." :;):

And as LazarusKing said, Patrick Keith has sculpted the "new and Wayne-Reynolds-ized" Shalelu for the line.


@JimL: In case you were curious, this flesh tone is an exaggerated "Asian" yellow, with Palomino Gold as the midtone.


@pez5767: Thanks for noticing the "inlay" -- as you can see, a thing like that is really fast to paint, but it can add detail and texture.


@GlenP: Great comment about the expression. Hope your wife doesn't pick up a sword anytime soon! ::P:


@themudhead: Good eye! You're right, the NMM on the sword does fall off at the end. On the instrument (a Japanese-style "shamisen"), you can see that there are no sculpted strings, but I painted some in to draw your attention to the top and bottom ends; even though realistic highlights on taut strings would probably be somewhere in the middle of the neck, I just thought that putting the highlights there would make it look too busy.



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