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Tutorial: Creating Ice Bases

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A while ago I stumbled upon upon a type of clear paint, named Distress Crackle Paint Rock Candy, that cracks while it dries and creates an interesting ice effect that can be used to make some nice win

In this part of the tutorial I'm going to go into a more complex, but not complicated by any means, base using what was covered in the first part. We're going to create a base showing some poor soul w

Hey all.  Pulled one of these old bases out of storage to see how it held up after all this time (about 6 and a half years), since I was looking at using this medium for a project, and it still looks

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Part two is up for your enjoyment. Sorry it took a few days longer, I got stuck working on a podcast all weekend, and it was a much longer write up then I originally planned--but I wanted to cover this in some detail since it was the tutorial people were asking for over in the show off thread.

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Great tutorial! Thanks for putting it up (and keeping the link to it in your sig, so people who weren't watching when it originally went up can see it now!).


I'm thinking about using this for a few character pieces in a tabletop army...so, a little over half a year later, how are these bases holding up? Is there any yellowing, or has it gotten more brittle over time?

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Good question.


Maybe and No.


It looks like there might be a tad bit of yellowing on the bases where I made bigger chunks but it doesn't appear at all on those sections I stained with ink so it might just be a trick of the eyes as this stuff was never 100% clear. Also I never sealed these bases so that could also prevent the yellowing if it's actually happening.


It definitely has not gotten more brittle over time and by playing around with a test base I have I can say they're not going to fall apart of crumble.

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