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14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister


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Love the base. What did you use on that?

TaleSpinner actually put that together for me~ I'll have to ask him and get back to you if he doesn't post in here before then.


First attempt?! How many other half finished first attempts did you warm up on?


Looks very nice!

This was quite literally the first miniature I'd ever layed hands on~ ^____^ I do have a fairly large amount of digital painting experience, however. A lot of the skills transfered over and i mostly just had difficulties learning how to use traditional materials as opposed to digital ones.

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Fantastic job! You should post her to the Inspiration Gallery, if you haven't already.


So, how do you like the hobby? You certainly have the talent for it. Think you'll stick around for a while?

I really enjoy it~ ^____^ I'll certainly be sticking around for a bit! I've already got my second mini in mind and I'll probably start on it in a few weeks when i get back from my honeymoon~

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