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Tabletop rpgs at ReaperCon 2012...


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Hey gang,


Based upon the oodles of fun I had at ReaperCon 2011 I'm planning to attend in 2012. This time around I won't be just coming back from a 5 day vacation in Florida so I won't be completely wiped out.


So this is your chance to tell me what tabletop rpgs you'd like me to run.


Last year there were plenty of Pathfinder Chronicle events so I feel no need to run Chronicle events but this DOES NOT preclude me from running Pathfinder adventures in another setting of my choosing.


Other games I'm willing to run:


Savage Worlds fantasy Deluxe, again set in a setting of my own choosing.


Hollow Earth Expedition


West End Games D6 Space, probably set in my conversions of Living Steel, Renegade Legion, or Justifiers settings.


All for One: Regime Diabolique


Barbarians of Lemuria


Masterbook set in the Justifiers setting.




High Adventure Role Play, set in Cyradon or Shadow World/Kulthea


Legends of Anglerre set in Leiber's Lankhmar, or Moorcock's Stormbringer or Hawkmoon settings


Starblazer Adventures set in TSR's out of print classic Star Frontiers setting


SUPERS! set in my own campaign setting


Advanced Fighting Fantasy set in the Titan setting


My library is pretty extensive but I won't run World of Darkness or Palladium titles or editions of D&D beyond 3.5 so if you're desperate for me to run Agone, Underground, Deadlands Weird West Classic or Paranoia pipe up and I'll see what I can do.



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well between my running of open Pathfinder games (no Society required for my games) & Rapheal's Society Pathfinder, that rpg is pretty well covered. Other rpgs are more then welcome.


Hollow Earth Expedition is a intriguing one for me + any classic ruleset would work as well.



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