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Ellen Stone and the Amazon Ranch


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This is Reaper's 54mm cowgirl Ellen Stone (the clothed version) done up as a tongue-in-cheek piece. The base is from a trophy (don't know when or where I got it; I've had it for years) and the groundwork is Celluclay and kitty litter. The gate is basswood, while the signs are computer printed labels white-glued over sheet plastic. The signs are painted to resemble the tan-brown paper used in old wanted posters. The camera and lights seem to have washed out the mid-tones, because it's all one mass of blotchy color in person. You'll have to trust me on that...


The canteen is a section of plastic tubing filled with Aves putty and worked to resemble the canteen in the kit (I didn't use the kit piece because it's cast as part of a separate fencepost). The strap is wine bottle foil. The cactus is small bits of Aves putty rolled around into a ball, then rolled back-and-forth on one side to form an egg shape. The putty is then flattened to resemble the cactus. Different amounts of putty yield different sized cactus (okay, that was probably a 'duh' moment...). The rings at the top slices of plastic tubing sectioned to interlock as a solid unit, then given the small crosses made from strip plastic.


Ellen is box stock, except that I sliced off the top of her head to add the hat (which otherwise is glued to the top of the fence post. Everything is painted with Reaper's MSP. I'm sorry about the back view being a bit out-of-focus, but I think you'll all get the gist of it.


Questions and comments welcomed.





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Thanks everyone! The duster is Reaper's Aged Bone triad with some Pure White added, while the hair is their new (to me) Carrot Top triad with some Linen White for the final highlights.


The dude ranch would be funny, but it's probably beyond my skill set. It would probably require a lot of sculpting and my skills are limited to repairs and minor conversions. :lol:

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