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"Industrial Waste" scenery by me

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finished my newest scenery! it's small, but it still took plenty long enough. the green toxic spill is poster plastic glued into a puddle shaped cutout, then painted over, then with realistic water poured over it for a hard, shiny surface. The spill part coming from the pipe is hot glue. the telephone pole is hand cut from wood, and the insulators on top are hot glue bits that were cut into insulator shapes and some painted aqua (i also collect insulators in real life lol). the wire is just... wire. the whole thing is carved from foam with sand for texture and bits of modeling grass and moss sprinkled on it. the green is supposed to be radioactive so it is reflecting off of everything, not so sure i did the green reflections properly :-P anyway, i hope you guys like it! i am no where near a pro but i did my best.









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Hey! That looks awesome! I've done a little bit of scenery for a couple dioramas of mine, and (for me at least) it can sure be tempting to slack off a little on terrain. But you showed some great patience and attention to detail. ::):


The one small critique I have is that it might be worth it to extend the dark line on top of the wires that stick out over the sludge. This would give the appearance of the light coming more from straight beneath it. However, maybe toxic sludge radiates and reflects enough light to make it appear as if it's coming from all over. I've never seen it in real life, so I don't know. :lol:


So, do you have any models lined up to place on it? Maybe the base for some cool diorama? All you need are some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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Looks good. Like the colors involved.


Three suggestions:


Kuro is right that the way to help the "glow" effect is to not only brighten up what is glowing, but also darken areas that are not to help make it actually look glowing... Not only on the power lines, but also back side of the pole, further away areas on the hill, the ground actually goes kinda the opposite, it is usually the darkest just outside of the glow and actually tends to get lighter back to a neutral the further away you get (because that ground might be gaining light from other sources like the moon or lightpole).


For the diorama end of things, the electric pole looks great, but also looks lonely on that table. Maybe add some other objects scattered around, rusted barrels standing or toppled, maybe a pile of old tires (depending on your time line), etc..



If you are going to use it with gaming at all, then I would suggest some form of transition between the uphill and the downhill, whether that simply be add some more hill in there, a wooden stair case, old wooden bridge, etc.. Something that allows play to flow on both and between both.

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