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Holiday Weekend Weddings

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Thanks all for the congratulations and reassurances. Wedding plans have been in the works for some time now and I have tried VERY hard to consider the schedules of so many people. Yes, the schedules of me and my future husband come first-but I've also contemplated such things as travel time for friends from Europe, my step-father running a marathon in Copenhagen in May, a good friend's deployment, schedules of our brothers who live in CO (odd twist-we both have brothers, all of whom live within 10 minutes of each other in a state other than the one we all grew up in), when the family cabin is available to host the ceremony, and availability-including class schedules- of our entire wedding party (half of our wedding party is currently attending college as non-traditional students). To then be told I was being inconsiderate was something of a slap in the face.


As for the impending marriage-I ABSOLUTELY agreed that I lucked out on this one. When I was in the breakup stage with my ex, I said-out of frustration-to some friends of mine that the next guy I dated would be good with computers and would enjoy gaming. And now I've ended up with an IT guy who has been gaming forever and sees it as an absolutely important part of his life. Not like he won't cancel gaming for something important, but it's a valid social outlet and something he's passionate about. Score one for me!


And let me reassure all of my dear friends out in Reaperland-we ARE planning a get together at Reapercon. At the moment, it looks like a Friday evening dinner of some variety, but it's still somewhat undecided. My 'best lady friend' (no, I can't be 'normal' and have a maid-of-honor), Matt, and I will come up with something and publish it on the forums before the con starts.

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I agree with this comments thus far. Memorial Day is more of a long weekend than a celebration type holiday that your wedding would 'compete' with. It may be that some people will want to keep it free for travel plans, but you're also absolutely right that no matter what day you pick, it won't work for someone. I think the way you've prioritized the people to plan for seems pretty reasonable.


The only other consideration I would make is when do you want your anniversary? The wedding date matters to your friends and families, but all the future anniversaries (hopefully lots and lots of them) will just be for you two. I think it's nice to have that a little separate from other big holidays and birthdays and such. (Though I end up spending most of mine at ArtistCon, so clearly I'm not too sentimental about the actual day. ;->)



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I think Memorial Day weekend is just fine. I didn't catch if you mentioned a specific day or not, but I'm guessing it'll be on Sat, which gives everyone time to still travel home on Sunday and enjoy their day off on Monday.


What you should do to anyone who complains about that day being inconsiderate is tell them that you hadn't considered that and that you'll look at some other dates. Then call them back a week later and tell them you're having it on a Tuesday morning at 10:30. :devil:

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BRIDEZILLA!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Run away people of Reaperland!!!! She'll rip your heads off and drink your soul!


haha ok. Erin you know my thoughts on this, and I know where the complaints are coming from, and I can't agree more with Vince. The cry babies are going to miss one hell of a party!!!


My wedding was on graduation weekend (sidenote: I grew up in a smallish city with a massive family. I was related to probably well over half the city) and all I heard was how someone couldn't go to so-and-so's graduation because of my wedding. PIGGY SQUEAKS! My wedding was way better than a graduation party! Susie Johnson will never remember that you weren't at her high school graduation party BUT the video of you doing the YMCA lives forever on my DVD rack...hahaha


Anyway, I know I've told you a million times before but I am very very very happy for you. Mazel tov to you and Matt and I'm honored (though not a maid or matron ::D: ) to be asked to share the day with yous guys!

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Hy Erin


first off (or should this be twice.....) Congrats!! You & Matt always seem to be having fun in your Facebook posts & to be honest I kinda wondering when the big day for both of you would come. As for Memorial Day, eh as others have said, no reason to worry.


My wife & I got married in Sept, mainly cause of my vacation didn't roll over till August + we had a outside in a local park wedding so it was cooler & everything worked out. Going on 14 years now!


Again, congrats & I hope the best years of Matt & your lives are ahead of you!

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