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ReaperCon 2012

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Has the date been announced yet? Botcon is in Dallas this year too, so there's the possibility I could combine them for maximum exhausto-fun.

It is May 17-20, 2012.


I found this in the ReaperCon forum from the last time it was asked. I had to filter the results to show more than 30 days, or a search would also work. I also checked under the ReaperCon link on the front page, but that said something about the 2009 event being over. :blink:

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I've heard nasty rumors of after hours gatherings at the Best Western. I've even heard that Jester "died" at one such party. Of course these are all just rumors. Not a bit of truth to them at all!


And to keep on topic, yes, I am planning on being at ReaperCon 2012.



Ooh! Are you bringing your dungeon crawl terrain?

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I may not be there until Friday night, but I'll be there.

If all goes well, my wife will make the trip with me this year, sans kids.


Standard chips, salsa, margaritas are planned.

Maybe some chocolate chip cherry cookies of my co-baker is in town....can't make them without her!

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1. I will be there. Briathel will likely as well.

2. Most of us stay at the Lake Dallas Best Western, up off IH-35; it's closest, and that's where the artists hang.


Dr. Bedlam and the regulars,


Do you know if there is a promo code through Reaper for that weekend? Do you know of any special rates or anything? Looks like $81 per night. Just curious if there is a way to get it a little cheaper. Last year I paid $31 per night through Hotwire, but I was the only one from the con in that hotel.



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I was able to get a special booking rate on BW's website for that hotel (Lake Dallas one btw) & it was around 70ish I believe. I can't remember which one it was but it was a so many days promo in the options.


Also Blueweasel is on target with finding a roomie or two to split the cost. I did that last year & it came out to around 150 or so per person.

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