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Skirmish at Farnel Creek

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Boris sat still under the watchful aura of Olivia as the battlefield was picked clean of gold, trinkets, and trophies by his surviving men. His many wounds were slowly melting back into healthy flesh. The process was making him itch. The heavy tread of feet behind him brought a half-grin to his face.

"You missed a hell of a fight, Orba," he said.

The large Merc leader came around to stand before Boris. An elf in filigreed armor was with him. "I see you almost managed to die again."

"It was a giant, you dog-eater!"

Orba shrugged. He looked at the elf. "This is what your money buys. Blood on the ground and your honor restored."

The elf sniffed. "A minor victory. I had hoped for more. I count only nine bodies."

"You can't do better," Boris said with a snarl.

"I have lived seven of your lifetimes. I do not need to prove myself to you."

Orba raised his hand to cease the bickering. "You paid for a fight and you received a fight. We can't be responsible for how many enemies show up."

"Perhaps," said the elf.

"On the other hand," Orba said, "my friend with the scars on his face does have a point."

The elf narrowed his eyes, sensing the trap. "What point is that, sellsword?"

"Can you do better?"

For a long moment the elf and Orba locked eyes. Then the elf suddenly laughed. "I was warned about you! Clever as a dragon. So, I am to prove myself? I shall do so with ferocity. Of course, you already have a plan. Tell it to me so I may sharpen my sword for battle."

"Not you," Orba said. "Not you, nor I, nor Boris here who needs a few days in bed. The Kargir forces will have a scouting party at Farnel Creek in two days. Send you best man, elf. Send in a strike force and see if you can kill more."

Anger danced across the elf eyes. "This is not a game, sellsword. My warriors - "

"Prove yourself or get off my battlefield!" Orba bellowed.

The elf smirked. "In two days you will offer me an apology." He turned and stormed away.

Boris grunted. "Well, leave it to you, Orba, to get me to root for the Kargir."

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Great battle! Holy Warlord, Batman, those Kargir are FAST. The entire fight was on my side of the table. I think the elves put up a good fight, but folded eventually. I don't know the army enough to make calls on what worked and what didn't. I think I'll dabble in the elves again, though. It was a fun game.


AND! And the elves did surpass the Mercs and kill more than 9 models. So Boris might have some explaining to do.

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My first thought when creating my army list was making sure I could get the 11 models and still have something decent on the table. I worried about it since I was facing Elves. My cheapest sgt is 49 points, so that didn't make me stress less. :wacko: After picking him, 4 soldiers and my Hyenas, I discovered I still had plenty of points leftover! It was then time for some hitters. :devil:


Here's the list I settled on:


Hrodash the Painmaster

4 Gnoll Raiders

2 Goblin Stickers


6 Hyenas


Torg, Tundra Stalker

4 Tundra Stalkers


Totals: 500 Points, 18 Models, 3 Troops, 3 Init Cards, 1 Spy


Torg had Spy, which was awesome, or would have been had I actually been able to use him! This game was bloody on Turn 1!! :blink: Thanks to Ranger moves from both of us, and my units having insane move skills, we were actually engaging in melee combat on Turn 1! That was nuts! The game was basically over by the end of Turn 3! I can't remember the last time Warwick and I have ever had a game go that quickly. I was taking as much advantage of my Swift Attack with the Raiders as possible. My Hyenas weren't able to Rush Attack, but they were nice 17 point speedbumps. I think the highlight of the match was when Warwick's lone Faery took on a single Hyena for two turns before they mutually destroyed each other! :lol:


I tell you what, we have been playing some wild games here lately with this story line. We've both been trying out all kinds of cool new lists. I've been digging into the Savage North book for my inspiration, and now Warwick is **shock! gasp!** branching out from Mercs and Vampires! :devil:


I'm in charge of writing the story for the next battle, so of course it will be epic... :devil:

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You're one to talk about (gasp) branching out. Don't you have a dwarf tattoo somewhere special on your body?

I forgot to mention the Faery. She was awesome. And she killed that hyena dead, dead, dead.

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You're one to talk about (gasp) branching out. Don't you have a dwarf tattoo somewhere special on your body?


Hey now! There are TWO (count 'em TWO!) Dwarf factions in Warlord. So, yes, I did branch out! ::P:

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