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Purple Pain


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Hey all.

Been working with purples recently and the results have been a bit- well- unsatisfying. When mixing with off-whites, everything turns pink. I knew it was coming but couldn't do a lot about it. Would it be better to try a paler blue as highlight before going to the whites, and should I just do the whites directly (no mixing)? Also, with the pink highlights, I tried glazing, but by the time they stopped being pink, it had also muddled the darker colors a bit, so I'm looking to minimize glazing for my next model.


Thank you,

the Todd

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Here is how I obtained the purple in my RCon '11 Bronze entry as seen in this photo: My RCon '11 entry


Mid tone: 9026 Violet Red

Shadow: 9025 Burgundy Wine

Highlight 1: 9027 Pale Violet

Highlight 2: 9098 Clear Magenta

Highlight 3: 9098 Clear Magenta + 9039 Pure White (to taste)

Glaze towards mid tone: 9098 Clear Magenta

Thinner filtering glaze 9026 Violet Red over all purple areas


In that order. I kind of futzed with it until it looked right. This technique will work with any with any of the purple triads. The Key is to add the white to the Triad's highlight color, and then glaze with your mid tone. It has to do with how Anne formulated the triads and color theory.

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By winding up with pink, I assume you're starting with a magenta base? What's the ultimate color you want the purple to wind up? A magenta or a classic "royal purple"?


Magenta is a "warm" purple with a lot of red in it - highlighting with white will look a little pinkish. You can highlight with a pale blue but it will be a warm/cool flip. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing...


I did something similar with this old superhero mini: Dr Atomic It's a magenta base highlighted with a normal purple. The purple is naturally cool, with lots of blue, so it shows the flip off.


Another way to highlight magenta is by keeping the highlight color the basecoat magenta, and shading down to a darker purple. You can add darker purple, or black (as I did here: Demoness), to darken it into the shadows.

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Thanks to all.


I tried highlighting with blues and blues+whites, and after purple glazing (and not nesrly as many layers of it) I came up with some cool highlights that really bring out the shading. I can see me refining this a bit, but I think I' on the right track.

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