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Reaper Dwarf


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I kinda went a little crazy with the metallics on this one. I had to have him done for Christmas and the young man I was painting him for wanted lots of metallics. Regardless, I'm pretty proud of the way he turned out. I'm especially thrilled with his beard. My sealer, although it says matte, keeps coming out shiny. I have no idea how to stop it from doing that. It's the Armoury Matte Sealer. Any ideas? His coat is supposed to be a duster...needless to say...it doesn't look dusty when it's shiny.







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Krylon matte works pretty well, too, if you spray it in light coats from a distance. I personally stopped using Armory a long time back, just because it always seemed unpredictable. But in general, two rules for this time of year: spray when it is warm and dry, if possible; spray far from the model.


If you are spraying outside on a cold, damp day, you will get moisture particles trapped beneath the sealer, which will make it shiny. And the closer you hold the can, the more material (and moisture) gets trapped on it. Thicker = shinier.

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Thanks for the advice :) I'll try a brush on sealer when I can find one. My local hobby shop seems to be out of it all the time. I spray in the bathroom with the fan on holding the can about 6 inches away. But you're right, the Armory is very unpredictable. The orks I sprayed next came out perfectly matte. Go figure.

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