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Road to the Crystal Brush Feb. 18-19 2012

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Cool Mini or Not, Strategicon and the Broadside Bash present:


The Road to the Crystal Brush Painting Competition


What to expect:-

· All entrants must have a OrcCon 2012 badge to enter.  No exceptions

· Entries will be accepted from 10am to 3pm on Saturday February 18th in the Broadside Bash room.

· Fill in a form at the check in counter.

· You will be given a reclaim ticket stub, and a sticker will be stuck on the bottom of your model identifying your ownership.

· Your models will then be placed in the display cases with a small card identifying your model only by number.

· You will be given a time and date to collect your models after voting is complete. Your reclaim ticket stub is required to prove ownership.

· Short listed winners will be notified at reclamation to be present at the awards ceremony on Sunday February 19th; if short listed you must be present to be eligible to win.


a) Each category shall have a Gold, Silver and Bronze Crystal Brush certificate provided. Each entrant is only eligible for one certificate per category, i.e. it is not possible to win gold, silver and bronze (or any combination of two) in a single category, the next runner ups will be awarded instead.

b) The top 3 scoring entries overall across all categories shall receive credit voucher prizes of $75, $50 and $25 respectively, guaranteed by CoolMiniOrNot, as well as special versions of the Crystal Brush certificate. Each entrant is only eligible for one top 3 position, i.e. it is not possible to win any combination of the first, second and third prizes, the next runner-ups will be awarded instead.

c) Best of Show winner will receive a plane ticket to The Crystal Brush 2012 painting competition at Adepticon in Chicago.

d) In the event of any dispute, the sum total liability of CoolMiniOrNot to any entrant shall be whatever the entrant paid to CoolMiniOrNot directly related to the Crystal Brush 2012 competition, i.e. $0. All rules subject to change without notice.



a) Judging will be by panel selected by CoolMiniOrNot, Strategicon and Broadside Bash. 



a) 28mm to 32mm scale Science Fiction

i) Single “human” sized figure, on a base no larger than 50mm wide / tall

ii) Vehicle or large monster, on a base no larger than twice the horizontal dimensions of the model.


b) 28mm to 32mm scale Fantasy or Steampunk

i) Single “human” sized figure, on a base no larger than 50mm wide / tall

ii) Vehicle or large monster, on a base no larger than twice the horizontal dimensions of the model.


c) 28mm to 32mm or 1/35 scale Historical

i) Single “human” sized figure, on a base no larger than 50mm wide / tall.

ii) Vehicle or large monster, on a base no larger than twice the horizontal dimensions of the model.


d) Open Category

i) This includes anything that is not listed above.  Max size for entry is 12" x 12" x 12"


g) New talent

i) 28mm to 32mm single “human” sized figure on a base no wider than 50mm wide / tall.

ii) Entrant must be 14 years or younger, i.e. have been born no later than April 21st 1999 UTC -12.

iii) This category is not eligible for Best of Show awards



a) All entries must be entered in person by the person responsible for all the painting on the model by 3pm on February 18th

b) An Orc Con Weekend Badge is required to submit models into the contest:  http://www.strategicon.net/

c) Entries must not have been entered into any competition previously. There is a limit of 2 entries per entrant, per category; however, take note rule 4a and 4b regarding awards.

d) Entrants are responsible for the transportation of entries to and from the competition. No storage space for transportation materials will be provided. Entrants must pick up entries on April 3rd at the designated times provided at the event.

e) No team entries allowed, and sculptors of original sculpts and conversions of manufactured models who did not paint the models entered will not be listed as entrants (i.e. no co-credit). 

f) Entrants must remain available for judging, queries and prize awards during the competition.

g) Entrants agree to provide all entries, at their own risk, to CoolMiniOrNot ,for the duration of the competition for the purpose of display, photography and judging. CoolMiniOrNot, accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of entries during the competition.

h) Basing that includes decorative plinths, rules clarification. Plinths will not be considered within height restrictions, but will not be photographed, or otherwise considered by the judges.

i) Entrants agree to have their entries photographed, videoed or otherwise recorded by CoolMiniOrNot, and such recordings shall be the property of CoolMiniOrNot, and shall be used in whatever manner CoolMiniOrNot, sees fit without further reference or payment to the entrant.






For more info on Orc Con, go here: http://www.strategicon.net/

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