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What did you do in 2011?

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While my numbers aren't where they have been in years past I did manage to get a few things done this year. Here's my annual group photo:




There's a lot more commentary on my blog if you feel obliged to read it as well as links to individual photos.


What did yall get done? Let's see those group shots.

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A few years ago I struggled to get 100 minis done in a year. I'm awed by those that can consistently get 500+ done in a year.


500 or 100 is pretty impressive. I just counted what I think I did all of last year and came up with 23 miniatures. So my hats off to those that have the time and speed to do more!

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I painted a total of....drumroll please...16!


That includes some that were painted together for dioramas, and one large dragon.


I just don't have the time to be that prolific, especially since I'm a slow painter...you know, one of those.

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...plus three more sculpts that I cannot disclose yet as I sold them and the company that bought them hasn't announced them yet.

When they are released we'll be the first to know?


Oh and slow year for me. 37 figures.

10 Darkspawn models

5 Protectorate of Menoth Models

10 Ork Boyz

5 Ork Nobz

5 Space Marines

2 ReaperCon Entries

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