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January Roll Call

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Top Posters In This Topic

Attempting to get back in the saddle, so to speak, I plan a handful of display-level paintjobs:


Mouseling Santa and Helper, with a homemade Santa's Workshop sign (in progress)

Dark Sword Female Warrior (in progress)

Halloween Mouselings

Thanksgiving Mouselings

(Can you tell how far behind I am in painting? :blink: )

Dark Sword Elmore Female Mage (in progress)

Maria Roseblade

Smedley Cloverdash, Steampunk Villain

Sculpt a special base for Smedley, then make a mold, cast it, use it again for some other models.

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No idea what the time frame is, but I have as my priorities on my list:


Cryx Battlegroup

Cygnar Battlegroup

Warmachine 2-player Starter Set



So really, all the new plastic battlebox sets for Warmachine. Funny - most of the original versions aren't painted yet either, and I have those all, too. And I plan to play eventually? :huh:


And lots of Mouselings and Sophies purchased last year. I'm not ambitious.


My 2 yen,



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90 units of Space Marines plus tanks and cannons.


1 Eldritch demon and bathalian for my other client.


I have 26 on my painting desk that are started, just need to finish them. It's looking like the 2 headed giant will be done first. He's my display model for Con of the North here in St. Paul. My first time as a vendor and I'll be the only mini painter there!

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