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I'm working on this miniature for a player of mine to use in our Forgotten Realms Labyrinth Lord campaign. The techniques I've used on the miniature include True Metallic Metals (learned at ReaperCon from Michael Proctor), and a lot of color theory learned from Anne and Jen in their Dark Sword video tutorials.


I'm really proud of how this one is coming along. My plan is to finish it up and then paint the symbol of Tempus on his tabard.


The photography isn't the best, I'll get better shots as I complete more of the mini.



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Post voted up, lol. I look forward to seeing this one finished, or at least the next stage for starters.


Hah! Thanks. Next stage I'm working on bringing the metal down deeper with Cinder Brown, and then back up with some GW metallics, which just seem to have more of a metallic pop. The chain will be TMM gold, using the same base I used for the cloak (Uniform Brown Triad with some Ashen Brown throw in for shading). I'm going to hold off on the Tempus symbol until I'm done.


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