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Another new edition for Dungeons and Dragons


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4e was the true World of Warcraft RPG. It became more about 'builds', a term generally reserved for MMORPG characters, and it felt very much like a 'What button am I going to press this turn?' style of gameplay. I think I'm surprised that 4e lasted as long as it has, given that, unlike previous edition shifts in D&D, it didn't feel anything like the same system that it was supposed to be a new edition of. (It kind of makes me wonder what they mean by 'new edition', since 4e was pretty much a 'new game' rather than a revision to 3.x.)


As for IK, I do hope they support it better this time, though it has become clear that miniatures and Warmahordes is where the money's at for Privateer Press. It could be done well, but it could also be done poorly - and given that they are using their own game system for it, it will be interesting to see how it comes out in the end - especially since they seem to be indicating it's going to feel a lot like Warmahordes.


I would say that it's a good time to expand one's horizons on the gaming front though, especially if you're a creative type that doesn't need as much support for campaign settings. Hero Games still has their Hero System out there, Crafty Games has a pretty good system in the Spycraft 2.0/FantasyCraft line, and has just recently released a new system for Mistborn, based on Brandon Sanderson's book series. And Fantasy Flight has picked up Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the 40K based games )Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch), AEG's still printing Legend of the Five Rings (4e), and Catalyst Games has brought back Shadowrun and Mechwarrior. Or Steve Jackson's GURPS?


Let's not forget that there are still some other candidates out there for gaming out there that still might have promise, too. D&D is not as end-all-be-all as it once was.


My 2 yen,



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