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defensive strikes


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I'm hoping that you can help a new player to the game. I appologize if it is something we should have found in the book ourselves - we just aren't sure and want to get it right.


Here is the scenario:


Its Player A's turn. Player A has a model in B2B contact with a model from Player B. Player A also has another model that is in charge range for its first action and decides to charge the same model that the other figure is in contact with.


So, do I resolve all the first actions first (a melee attack and the charge). or do I resolve all the melee attacks at the same time (wait until the 2nd part of the action where the second figure is in B2B contact)?


If I resolve both attacks separately, does the defending model get defensive strikes against both attacks?


Again, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. Though we mostly find the rules mostly simple and intuitive, the wording can be a little ambiguous and hard to find.


We do understand that you must declare all the same type of attacks at the same time. We just need to know if we resolve all the first actions of a troop before we resolve all the second actions.


Thanks for your help!

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There are very specific action types in Warlord, and a specific process of resolution of those actions. It's not just declaring attacks at one time, but that all Combat actions of the same kind must happen at the same time. Thus, if Player A wants both models to be able to attack and score damage as part of the Fight action for the current Troop activation, the Charge for that second model must be resolved first. Remember that a Charge is only a Movement action; there is no attack inheirent in the action (unless a SA dictates otherwise, such as Swift Attack or Rush Attack). Now that Player A has all of the models in B2B that he wants, he declares the all of the attacks for his Fight action with this Troop, and rolls dice. Damage is determined but not applied yet (again, unless a SA dictates otherwise, such as with First Strike). Now Player B declares their Defensive Strikes, targeting whomever they want in B2B with these swings, even models that have done nothing this turn or that are not part of the troop currently activated. Now damage from both sides is applied, Tough check are made, and destroyed models are removed from the table. Player A resumes taking any further actions he may have available as part of the Troop.


Finally, you do not need to resolve all first actions before second actions in a troop; in fact, other than the restriction regarding resolving all Fight actions together, resolving all Shoot actions together, and all Spellcast actions together, models within the Troop can use whatever action at whatever time within the activation.

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Awww, I see...


Thanks Shakandara - so all attacks resolve at the same time regardless of the whether it is the model's first or second action.


We thought we understood the notion of all attacks resolving but you clarification shows us what we were doing wrong. We did understand that there is no inherent attack with a charge unless the model has a power such as swift strike.


If the figure that started in B2B contact able to move as a second action after the melee is resolved?


Also, if you have models from different troops in B2B with another model, I understand that only the active troop models will attack. However, do the other models count towards the MAV bonus still (I assume yes)? The other question is can the defensive strikes go against these models instead of the active troop model?


Thanks so much for clearing this up for us.



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Yes and yes.


If, after the fight actions and damage are resolved player A has models still activated that have actions left, then they may take them. Another option could have been to have that model that was already in BTB use its first action to FOCUS (giving it a bonus to its fight action rolls during its second action). Of course if it did this, then it would not be able to move after the fight as both actions would have been used.


Yes all friendly models in BTB, regardless of whether they are actually participating in the combat, count towards the SUPPORT bonuses. That is also the reason that they are also valid targets for the defensive strikes. That is, the defensive model of Player B in this case could choose to take its defensive swigns against one of those models in BTB that did not even attack.

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It's not a bad tactic sometimes to target models that have not yet attacked you, with your Defensive Strikes. Softens them up before you, or they, get to activate.


The best status effect you can put on an enemy model is Dead. Particularly if you can do it before that model has a chance to act. Even if you don't kill them, you have the potential to knock them down a track or two making them easier to kill, or less effective at hitting you.

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