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Thanks. This is one of those things that I'm not sure if my camera can take well enough but the face in the photo turned out very close to how it looks in person, but I also spent the most time on the face (as I tend to do).


I also learned how to do a good pink which is to just glaze red over white and don't even use a pink paint.

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Any chance of a close up of the face? I'm painting this mini as my gf's pc and my version looks cross eyed or lazy eyed or something!


Sure, here you go. I did notice with this photo that I've got to clean up the left eye (one with the staff some).




Speaking of photos, been playing around with the wife's camera to take better photos. My problem in the past is I've never been able to get anything that amounts to decent with it, which is strange as it's a low range DSLR Nikon but I've since learned my issue was having the camera too close. So I got a tripod and move the camera away about 3' and did a bit of a zoom and am getting some decent results (like the above one of the figure above as that's way closer to what I see then the original I posted earlier in the week).


Here are a few others but need to work on distance still some to see everything well (possibly backgrounds too).








She's not quite in focus it looks like



Also got my dayglow pigments in so I finished up the bone swarm and should have the Tomb Maidens done today (about half way done with the bases). Really like these pigments for quick OSL.



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Trucking right along I've got two of the last 4 minis for my game started. And, thanks to Cash, I think I finally have this camera dialed in.


So first off is Father Dumas from Privateer's Iron Kingdom line. Playing around with the a typical white by making it a blue where there should be shadows. Originally I was going to have the robe start a white and change to blue but just decide to go this way about half way though. Fairly soft effect, much like the pink above, but it's grown on me. The blue is P3 Arcane Blue glazed over white.





Next is Van Oberen, also from the Iron Kingdoms line. His staff broke during assembly so I had to pin it and now it's kind of funky--but it adds character I guess. :huh:


He started out with a base of orange dayglow pigments mixed with P3 Heartfire. Then I used a glaze of GW blood red and reclaimed with the base mix then highlighted with P3 Cygnus Yellow. Really liking this look and happy to be back painting more my style as before I was figuring that if I wanted to paint quick I couldn't do this as much but it really doesn't add too much extra time if I just use a mix of thicker and thinner glazes.




Here's what the original color of the robe looked like before I took the red to it (as well as something about half way though glazing it back up).







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Van Oberen is about done. Need to seal and do some OSL.


I painted the trim of his robe and all the metal in GW burnished gold (a very bright yellow metallic) then used P3 Flesh wash and slowly added black ink to do all of it. For the trim (which is hard to see in these images due to the adjacent colors so I might line it) I just covered less areas and for the rest I covered most of it and then reclaimed the highlights with the burnished gold.


Leather was done in a similar way with the same inks.



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