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Rafal Maj (BloodyBeast.com) Show Off


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I'm professional miniature painter and I'd like to share some of my painted reaper minis with you.

I wont post non-reaper minis here as I think this would be inappropriate. If you would like to see my other works please visit my website.


Let's start with my latest work.


Reaper 02899: Death Knight




Please feel free to comment.




The second one is an Elven Sergeant. The minis was a commission for a customer who uses it in RPGs. He wanted an Elf on the desert. So here's a result:


Reaper 14551: Vale Ranger Sergeant




Soon some more stay tuned.


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First off, the Death Knight. That molten look on the axe and shield are top notch. Funny thing, the back side of the axe I'm not so keen on. I can't pinpoint it. I especially like the trim on the cloak. That is one neat mini.

That Vale Ranger Sergeant just makes me want to cry. I'm just getting back into miniatures and when I see something like this, I just think "Why bother?" I don't have that kind of eye for color or detail. Your NMM has real depth to it.

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I'm not sure I like that axe with the rest of the mini, I think the contrast between the two is a little overwhelming...but goddamn do I love that axe. That looks like its a +5 weapon at least. And sets you on fire. Or just plain explodes you on a critical hit.


The elf is nice too, really like the eyes, but I think you went a little overboard on shading the face. Those cheekbones are so prominent its less "I'm an elf" than "I need a sammich."

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