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Rumble in the snow - Icingcake vs TinCans


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Disclaimer: after playing 3 games, I am not even going to begin to remember the exact playing order or turns that different events happened,but will try to atleast share the highlights.


So, my first my three games in the tulsa Revival was my Ice guys against Jay's TinCans.


My list:


Icingstead - 999 points


Troop 1

Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch


Ice Toad x 2

Yeti Warrior x 3

Barbarian Berserker x 3


Troop 2

Hurgg the Bloody

Ice Toad

Yeti Warrior x 2

Barbarian Berserker x 4


Troop 3

Frost Wyrm


Troop 4

Luck Stone


3 troops +2 tacticians + 1 spy

20 models (48 DTs, 50 MAs)


His list:

Crusaders - 1067 points


Troop 1

Mother Superior Kristianna

Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius

Finari, Justicar

Justicar x 4


Troop 2

Sister Majeda, Battle Nun

Battle Nun x 3

Hospitalier x 4


Troop 3

Garr, War Dog

War Dog x 3


Troop 4

Uriel, Guardian Angel


Troop 5

Guardian Beast of Aurellius


And now that I have thrown his list into the Army Creator, I see that his was over a little on points. Oh well. All good I guess.


Anyway, our game ended up happening in the snow covered graveyard. His casters wree not offensive casters and he had no ranged so I pretty much had no plan other than run across the table and smack him. He had two bigs and I had two bigs so I was trying to figure out which were the best matchups.


He sent in the hounds first. Rush attacking my forward line of berzerkers. we traded equally. My first turn was spent simply running. He had held the angel back and decided not to bring on the Guardian Beast but rather to summon that one in later. so there was no reason to try anything big spell wise early.


Turn two, throw in the tacticians and have fun.


I know that my yetis went to town on his nuns. his justicars went to town on my berzerkers. His elites swarmed the big B and then summoned in the Kitty into B2B. Kitty hit B pretty good. But then B stomped him back too.


Ice Toads froze what was left of the kitty and a berzerker finished him off. Angel swooped down and trashed a yeti but it got a lucky savage swing back on him for 3 points. Berzerker joined in and almost had the Angel finished off.


Justicars and Centipede traded back and forth. Centipede took out like 3, but took heavy wounds. Hospitlers healed Finari and she finished the worm. But it took her with him.


The game looked to be mine since he was pretty much just down to the Angel, Kristi, and a couple of nuns.


Then Kristianna decided to heal the Angel all the way. And my dice went as cold as the snow we were playing in. My witch had been waiting in the wings to finish off the angel with a freeze ray. I focused and only needed to roll a 4. I rolled.... well a 2 of course. But, I still had spell points left to be able to do an ice shard to let B hit it with nothing in return. Again, rolled a 1.


Then the stupid nuns had to go and roll good. They got B and he failed his tough roll.


At this point I had 1 toad, the Witch, and famililar and that was it. He had the Angel and a divine spirit (from his doctrine). My toad killed the spirit. But, his Angel would end up finishing me off.


Game end, he had an angel and another spirit gained from killing my witch.


Good game.

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