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Ring around the Tower - Icingcake vs Elves


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Disclaimer: after playing 3 games, I am not even going to begin to remember the exact playing order or turns that different events happened,but will try to atleast share the highlights.


So, my second of three games in the tulsa Revival was my Ice guys against Dawn's Elves.


My list:


Icingstead - 999 points


Troop 1

Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch


Ice Toad x 2

Yeti Warrior x 3

Barbarian Berserker x 3


Troop 2

Hurgg the Bloody

Ice Toad

Yeti Warrior x 2

Barbarian Berserker x 4


Troop 3

Frost Wyrm


Troop 4

Luck Stone


3 troops +2 tacticians + 1 spy

20 models (48 DTs, 50 MAs)




Her list:

Elves - 1000 points


Troop 1



Magic Ranged Weapon

Vale Archer x 4

Hunting Cat


Troop 2


Vale Archer x 4

Hunting Cat


Troop 3

Arnise, Deathseeker

Death Seeker x 5


Troop 4

Arnise, Deathseeker

Death Seeker x 4


Troop 5

Giant Eagle


Troop 6

Dilean Softstep


Troop 7

Luck Stone


I might be off on her list a little, but should be pretty close.


So, as you might guess, the theme of this battle for me is hide as best as possible as I charge blindly across the table to get at her before my berzerkers become pin cushions.


Lucky for me, the table we were on provided a big tower for me to run around and also a bunch of rocks to hide behind as I went across. That and my smaller guys ran behind my larger based guys with higher DVs.


Course, that plan was quickly dashed by her counter moves. First, her archers even shooting with indirect shot couldnt miss my higher DV yetis. Then she followed that up with a bunch of swift attacks by her deathseekers. She was negating all my guys with 3 swings with those swift attacks.


But, regardless, I had to keep going, its not like anything was gonna help if I just sat back. I burrowed the worm right at the archers. On the second turn I popped up and took a few out. That made for a huge relief on one flank. Then the worm spent 2 turns sparring withthe pesky swift attacking deathseekers.


I admit I was very lucky, her eagle decided to target my familiar instead of going after the caster that controlled it. But, before she did, I was able to get off a frost bits spell on some more archers to negate them for a turn, and my toads were finally able to get across and freeze a few of those seekers.


Big B used first strike and mighty to take out a couple more seekers. But, not before she finished off my yetis.


The berzerkers were more of a nuisance to Dawn than anything else, they didnt do much, but they were affective for me cause they bought me time to have B and Wyrm get favorable matchups.


I cant remember how I got the eagle. I think my caster, after re-summoning the familiar, was able to cast a winglock and bring it down for the zerkers to swarm, but just cant remember. Oh wait. thats right, I never killed it. She conceded before I could do that..


I think at the time of concession, I had an unhurt B, the Witch, a toad, and maybe a zerker. And I think she was down to an archer, a seeker, and the eagle, all of which were hurt.


Good game. after my yetis with their higher DV went down so fast, I thought that game was going to get ugly against me. But, thats what we love about this game. Late turn heroics.

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