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Dancing with a zombie under the pale moonlight - Icies vs Necros


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Disclaimer: after playing 3 games, I am not even going to begin to remember the exact playing order or turns that different events happened,but will try to atleast share the highlights.


So, my third of three games in the tulsa Revival was my Ice guys against Kim's Zombie horde.


My list:


Icingstead - 999 points


Troop 1

Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch


Ice Toad x 2

Yeti Warrior x 3

Barbarian Berserker x 3


Troop 2

Hurgg the Bloody

Ice Toad

Yeti Warrior x 2

Barbarian Berserker x 4


Troop 3

Frost Wyrm


Troop 4

Luck Stone


3 troops +2 tacticians + 1 spy

20 models (48 DTs, 50 MAs)


Her list:

Necropolis - 1000 points


Troop 1

Rhasia, Zombie Queen

Gauntfield, Scarecrow

Zombie x 12


Troop 2

Baron Kentaur the Everliving

Zombie x 10


Troop 3

Eikar, Crypt Bat

Crypt Bat x 4


Troop 4

Railor of the Unbodied

Zombie x 4


Troop 5

Zombie x 6


Troop 6

Grave Horror


She decided to withhold the grave horror to summon him later.


Deployment, she spread her stuff across the full of her deployment zone. Oh, side note, we were playing with elongated deploy zones. 12 inches deep by the width of the table. I deployed pretty much everything on the side of the table where she deployed Rhasia. My plan was to use the table edge to help limit her ability to swarm me, while also being on the same side as her warlord to try and get her to knock out her Warlord ability. That extra 10% makes a huge difference most of the time.


We both ranger out, her bats and my yetis. So, it turned out on turn one as we were both moving stuff, she put her bats in range of my yetis so i went ahead from the beginning and winglocked them and brought them down to fight. I think i got 1-2. Everything else was just moving and positioning.


Turn 2 came up. She retaliated on my yetis with some zombies. Dont ask me how many got killed and toughed back up. I think she had ssomewhere in the neighborhood of about 20-25 zombies tough up during our game, so there is no way I am gonna remember exactly when each one did. But, the one thing i do remember specifically about that move is it was really the difference in the game. She had attacked my flank of yetis, but by doing so, she left an open pathway to her warlord on both her flanks. Since she had not yet summoned the GH, I had to take advantage of it. I cast Incite and threw just about everything at her. I got 2 toads, 2 zerkers, and 2 yetis into B2B with her. I got 4 hits, but not enough to kill her. Her bead came up next and of course she had to summon the GH. She played great most of the game, but this was her one big mistake spot. Cause she summomned the GH in B2B with the solders that were surrounding Rhasia and attacked them.. So, of course I used my defensive swings not agiainst the GH but against Rhasia. Of course, her big mistake was relieved to know that my bludgeoned defensive strikes all whiffed.


Then the epic play of the game, really of the whole tourney for me anyways... My worm who had been holding back a little, hoping that I would have gotten then kill on Rhasia so it could take out Railor beforeit summmoned the GH. Alas the gH made it on the table, so the worm charged the GH. I had 4 swings at 8 with savage and frenzy. I needed to do 7 points of damage in one activation to be able to kill it. I needed 3s to hit. So, I risked it. I frenzied up 1 swing. needing 4s. I rolled 5 dice: 8, 8, 6, 4, 3. I had done 6 points of damage because of the savage. DAng it..... BUT WAIT.... I had my LUCK STONE!!! The unholy Boulder was no more! It put 2 hits on my worm in return as it went down in a pile of mud. So, this game would be a landslide now that her two bigs were gone, right? You forget, this is Warlord.


She had 6 puny mindless zombies swarm the big B and casually roll out three 10s. It was 7, but i took one out with first strike. I took out another 2 in defensive swings, but 1 stood back up. My turn, for similar reasons of when I swarmed her Rhasia, I couldnt have any of my soldiers attack those zombies as I didnt want to risk them taking their defensive swings against B. He would have to go it alone against those. He took out 3, 1 stood back up. Meanwhile, doing another point on him. This 200 point Ice King was going to get mugged by 100 points of mindless MAV2 zombies. Then the ice toads finally got their turn to do something....


I was able to freeze some of theones in btb with B, as well as a few others that the zerkers charged and took out.


And that was the final difference in the game. MY witch's beguiling, freeze burst, and generally stunning zombies so that they couldnt take defensiive swings. And slowly even with her rolling 30-40% success rate on the tough, I was able to outlast her tough rolls.


At the end of the game, I had B on his last track, and the witch and that is it....


Awesome game for sure. To have it come down to the last 2 models after I had taken out her two bigs on turn 2 continues to prove how much I love playing this game!

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