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Warlord now in my local store!

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I just got great news from the owner of my local game store. He has called Reaper and is getting their top 50 Warlord display.


I brought Warlord back from GenCon last year and we now have 11 people playing it in our club. The store got some figuresin from his supplier (bad fill rate) and they all disappeared within the week. Funny thing is that most of them were bought by people who want to use them for WarHammer. I showed him the info on the Reaper website and he made the call today.


Next up, getting Reaper paints stocked n the store.

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I'm jealous ::(: (that is supposed to be a jealous face...not a sad face!). My local game shop carries a rack ton and a wall of that *other* company, but no Reaper. Internet ordering is where it is at for me. Though I am seriously considering trying to get a Warlord group going there.

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I had the same problem. However, the "other/stuff" is becoming more expensive, the quality is anything but fine and it is getting more difficult for independent retailers to deal with them. When I showed the owner the vendor programs on the Reaper website, there was really no argument left.


The funny thing that is happening is that more people ate getting interested in Warlord once it became accessible at the store level.



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