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Castleville anyone?

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Ok for the most part I don't play any of the Facebook games but I have to be got caught up with this one. The problem is that you need other players to really get further in the game. So I am looking for anyone that happens to be actively playing the game to join me in playing. If you are interested drop me a PM or reply to this thread.

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I'm in, but can't access Facebook from work. Seek out and friend Thom O'Bedlam, Tom O'Bedlam, Emilio Lizardo, and Shroomgawd Phungus. Any of them will happily crew your Maiden's Tower if you send them a stone block or crystal shard!

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I wasn't really sold on this game until Haldir mentioned something about orcs...so I figure I'll give it a second try. If any of y'all see ten thousand kewt orcs with the sign of the white hand piped onto their faces with buttercreme icing, then be nice to 'em and give them the sprinkles and marshmallow fondant they demand, or else the rock-slinging and show-tune singing will continue until you are all driven from your castles and have to move to YoVille, or worse yet, take up the Sorority Life.


PS >HERE< is me on FB

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