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February Roll Call

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This has been just too busy of a month for me to do anything. The stress of my father and a close friend both about to lose everything, a busy month in the one organization I'm part of offline, the new season in the online racing league starting up...I just haven't had the time to myself to lock myself in the man cave.

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We have been "babysitting" rescue puppies (Pugs from Pughearts in Houston) this month. Using that as inspiration I am looking at March to paint some of the Pug familiars, a Pug Princess and an "evil" winged Pug. This weekend I plan to put some paint on a diorama I am planning. Want to paint but time just slips by so fast.

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Aesthetically, Sgt., I'd probably have to suggest some Protectorate of Menoth miniatures - The Harbinger or the Avatar, maybe? While I'm not yet sure if their playstyle suits me - I think I'm a Swan, really - their cream and sanguine color scheme is probably my favorite of all the Privateer paint schemes.


That being said, the new plastics for Hordes look good too - especially Circle. I wonder what I'm gonna do with 4 Argii when I get around to picking that box up. But you can never have too many Feral Warpwolves.


My 2 crowns,


Lieutenant-Adept Akio, 13th Infantry Battalion, 60th Regiment, 9th Division, Third Cygnaran Army, adjutant to Major Victoria Haley

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