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Battle Report: Ice vs Fire


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I figured I owed Wildbill a crack at my tournament army since you didn't get to play. I had three unit of Icingstead. He brought Overlord, heavy on the fire. My son put the terrain on the table, and I was happy to see he went heavy. I could advance and keep some key models under cover. Even then I got hit with a few fireballs and crossbows before I could close. I tells ya, I thought the game was his from the start. That much fire action? How could it go wrong? But I plowed ahead and met him head on. And we traded a lot of models, one for one. A lot of both fighter dying at the same time. This left strange gaps in the field. Boerogg and Ashcrypt killed each other, too. Boerogg took several hits from crossbows and magic before getting to the lich. It was very dramatic. In the end, I made my Tough checks and stayed in the lead. Too many points where it could have gone either way. His Chain Lightning spell fizzled, his Incarnation of Flame was felled, my tough rolls. But the most important part was the card flips. I went first every turn, usually two in a row. That gave me control of the pace of battle. I won because I could maneuver to keep his fire mages on the defense. We went to the last man. Good fight.

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Well, last night it was another epically titanic battle between to forces of Evil and the forces of Eviler. :lol: Way back when we were playtesting Warlord 2.0, Warwick had fielded an Overlord army very similar to this, but we were playing a 3-way battle. It ended up being 2-on-1, but Warwick Fireballed his way to victory. So, of course remembering that humiliating defeat, I decided it was time he got a dose of his own medicine! :devil:


Here is the army I fielded:



Soriel + Spiked Armor

Arik Gix

3 Overlord Warriors

4 Overlord Spearmen

2 Crossbowmen




3 Overlord Warriors

2 Overlord Spearmen

1 Crossbowman


Incarnation of Flame


Luck Stone


Total: 1,000 Points, 21 Models, 3 Troops, 4 Init Cards, 1 Spy


I chose to use the Onyx Legion Faction Doctrine, mostly for the Hunter’s Edge. Warwick had one elite that had ranged attacks, and one elite mage, so essentially, neither of the remaining two sub-Doctrines did anything for me. But, here was my Grand Master Plan:


Turn 1) Fireballs and Crossbows, oh my!


Turn 2) Fireballs and Crossbows, oh my!


Turn 3) Fireballs and Crossbows, oh my!


Turn 4) Warriors, Spearmen and Incarnation begin mop-up duty.


Turn 5) Warriors, Spearmen and Incarnation conclude mop-up duty.


I must not have communicated my Grand Master Plan well enough to Warwick because it didn’t quite turn out that way! :grr::lol:


On Turn 1, I manage to cast 2 Fireballs, a Wall of Fire and a Blight. Ashkrypt tried Blighting Boerogg and an Ice Warrior. Of course, I only succeeded on the Ice Warrior. :down: On Turn 2, my Incarnation was being attacked by 3 Icingstead warriors, with a 4th really close by locked in mortal combat with one of my warrior/spearman sub-units. So, I decided to have him cast a Fireball centered on himself since he was immune to the Inferno Tome! :lol: I hit 3 out of 4 evil Icingstead monkeys and of course hit my own guy, which I felt was a valiant sacrifice. I then chose to not have him do anything else.


The highlight of my army were the Crossbowmen. Those guys couldn’t miss! I swear I hit pretty much everything I aimed at! I even managed to put a couple of bolts into Boerogg’s back! That was the only reason why he went down at the same time as Ashkrypt. But, the real hero of my army was the one guy who managed to make his Tough check once before dying. Ashkrypt with his Tough/4? Heck no! Corvus with his Tough/0! :lol: That was the one Tough check I made all game. Warwick of course made his customary 3+ Tough checks, which was the tide turner as usual. If Kord hadn’t passed his checks, I would have kept Arik and my two Crossbowmen in that troop far longer than they lived. I might have even managed to eke out a victory! But alas, it was not meant to be. :down:


It was a fun battle, despite the Grand Master Plan not working out. ::): My next idea is to see if I can make an Overlords army using all 9 of the models that are spellcasters. :devil:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Being on the sharp end of crossbows did not make me happy. I can handle a unit of Dwarf Piercers, but two crossbows made my life hard. I was very happy when I finished them off for good. Too late, of course, they had killed Boerogg, dang it. Kord made two tough checks and dodged a wound from Gix. He was one tired model at the end of the game.

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