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When I'm working on competition pieces I always have something that I can relax with. This time around it was my first platoon of 28mm WWI US Marines. There are only 7 more platoons to go! I haven't posted anything here in a long time so I thought a little historical stuff would shake things up. These are only gaming quality and as I look at them there are still a few problems; the Army Painter Matte Spray had some issue and I got a semi-gloss coat instead of a nice matte coat. It also created white specks on some of the minis. It did that on a some of my railroad boxcars as well so its definitely the can, so that one is going in the trash. I still managed to miss some stuff on the touchups and (as is normal) the matte coat killed my highlights. That will be dealt with later. Right now these are ready for the table. A few pictures here and you can see more on my blog: http://wargamesandra...ed-for-now.html



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Very nice! Very clean paintjob, it looks good.


How did you make the shrubs on the base? Is that Woodland Scenic?


The "tufts" on the bases is a product from Siflor and in this instance I believe its called Buffalo Grass. In the US Siflor is only available from scenic express. I see the Army Painter now has a range tufts as well although the packs are small and rather expensive.

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