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Privateer Press - War Wolf


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One of the characters in my DnD game has magically and permanently befriended a winter wolf as a companion.


This is a newer model and with the armor and all, it really suited the player's style perfectly.


I wanted more white, but she insisted on significant darker tones so that it wouldn't stand out too badly when they weren't in snowy terrain.


Hope you enjoy.



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The naturalistic base is a great touch to this mini. Excellent work!


A tad surprised you went with Circle Orboros' green for the armor if this is for a non-Hordes game. I'm imagining those armor plates in some sort of ice blue and silver. I think it could work. ^_^


A great job as is, though!


My 2 yen,



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I like your crisp detailing on the plates, and I like the variety of tones that you incorporated into the fur, so it isn't just a single value of gray.


The variegation on the upper legs/flanks, though, looks patchy and unnatural.

On your next wolf or other furry animal, I would suggest smoothing out those sharp divisions between colors by mixing the halfway colors and scribbling them along the boundary. That is, after you paint colors 1-3-5-7, then add colors 2-4-6 in between.

When I paint fur, I often use wet-blending to set down the base coat, and then use a succession of washes and highlighting (even drybrushing, if the sculpted texture is suitable) -- going up and down, up and down -- to get a realistic simulation of the variety of colors over the body and even from the inner to the outer end of the hairs.

Examples by me:





Anyway, have fun in your game!


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