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Any dungeon accessories being made?

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You mean like these?



74022: 40mm Square Skull Bases

03186: Wizard's Workshop

74021: 1" Square Skull Bases

03284: Adventuring Accessories: Magic items

03032: Musical Instruments

02963: Adventuring Accessories II

02638: Adventuring Accessories

03118: Dungeon Loot

03112: Large Egyptian Treasure

03111: Small Egyptian Treasure

02652: Magic Treasures III

02554: Magic Treasure II

02540: Magic Treasures

02320: Treasure Hoard II

02313: Treasure Hoard I

02724: Egyptian Sarcophagus

02627: Medieval Sarcophagus

02990: Crypt of the Vampiress

02185: Mummy Rising

03291: Heinz Stargazer

02634: Well Of Doom

02580: Altar of Evil w/Victim

03514: Exotic Idol

03569: Well of Chaos


Weapon packs and standards also make for good accessories, sprinkled in the dungeon.

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Part of me would love to see an abundance of common items as accessory props for DnD, but then another part of me thinks of the time it would take to paint them, and the fact that they would be cluttering an already crowded gaming table.

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I have most of mega minis stuff, and it's cool, but on the whole it's much more crude than what Reaper could do. I recently got some accessories, books and such, from Iron Wind (old Ral Partha stuff) which has better detail mostly, but it's not like that line is still expanding.

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The LE line of plastic may be able to bring accessories at a cheaper cost than dwarves forge. Unpainted tables bookshelves etc in plastic would be sweet. I wouldn't buy them, but people who like that stuff when they game would eat up a lower cost option.


Yes, yes we would... ;-)



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Prepainted plastic stuff would be good too. Our group loves dungeon decor, but we don't want to paint it.


One of my gaming buddies has an enormous collection of every kind of prop he can get his hands on, like the Wizkids and Hero Quest pieces, but there's always stuff that's disproportionately large for 28mm, or it comes on click bases that take up too much space on the gaming mat. We also buy props for Christmas villages and that sort of thing, but a lot of those are too big, and everything tends to come covered in fake snow.


It would be great if Reaper made stuff that was compatible with their minis and usable on either square or hex mats.

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