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Two Freebooter Minis


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Hey guys, these two minis were gratis from SK here at the boards a couple of Christmases ago and I finally got around to painting them. I thought I had finished my "wall of shame" of figures with my last mini I posted here, but lo and behold I found 4 more in a drawer when scavenging around.


So these two represent 50% of the very last of what I have to paint before I can consider my collection of unpainted metal totally done. Two more upcoming to finish before the end of this month, or towards the end of it depending.


Let's see, Future Widow was very fun to think of a color scheme for her outfit it could have gone any which way. I chose a sort of leathery/silky pink/white deal and black hair with red glasses and a green base. Lots of colors everywhere.


Next is the Female Wizard and this mini although complicated to assemble believe it or not, (her hands, arms and staff were tricky!) had alot of wide open areas that I couldn't resist painting some detail on. Can't let those wide open areas go to waste. Also sculpted a couple of locks of hair on her face on the left hand side to help balance out her hairstyle otherwise I felt her face was too wide.

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I would love to see how you do that freehand... I just took a little painting class last night on canvas (it's one of those BYOB (wine really) places, so it's more 'fun' than a lesson), and I still struggle with paint consistency and brush control. It's really tricky!! More practice is what I need. :) 'blending' is my least favourite word right now. :)

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Hot mamas! Good stuff Sean. Thrilled to see you getting some paint on these ladies... Love the subtle earthy tones, color choices are spot on, FH is very nice (maybe a bit overwhelming), the blends are well done and I'm diggin' the sheer effects on the the stockings.


You need to forward these on to Werner at FB, he would LOVE to see these...


The Freebooter website has been updated, so you may need to create a new account.




Here's the link.






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Holy moly! Your freehand on the back of the wizard's skirt is unbelieveably amazing! I have this mini, too, and I gave up on trying to get her arms to fit right - I cut the staff in half and gave her two sticks. But I really like the unusual color scheme - bright and subtle at the same time.


The pinks on the Future Widow are a lot of fun - very retro 60's (alas, I remember those....) and the greens/reds on the base make a nice contrast.

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