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Two Freebooter Minis


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AKOA (All Kinds Of Awesome). :;):

Great color choices and execution. Always good to see different renditions from the official studio paintjobs.

I like that textural effect on the widow's base.

I'm also amused to note that the fonts of your signatures are sci-fi or fantasy, as appropriate.

What was your inspiration / prototype for the freehand on the wizard? Or did you invent it?



1) The Widow's hair appears to be the same dark gray as your photo background, and then that gray hair and end-of-nose glasses give her face an old-granny look, out of keeping with the youthful body. Maybe pushing the color to a more saturated anime-style "red-black" or "purple-black" or "green-black" would eliminate this disconnect.

2) I would add a few white glints on the pistol to make it look more like shiny plastic. Maybe she prefers a matte firearm, but it just looks a little dull compared to her shiny hair, white parts of the outfit, etc.

3) The Wizard's navel/abdomen looks a little roughly blended, at least compared to how tight everything else is.


You're in the home stretch!



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Hi guys, I let time get away from me the last couple of days so I'll catch up here on the comments since I have a breather.


First off I really appreciate you all coming out and commenting, it's super inspirational and I'm really glad you guys get a kick out of the pieces I show here. When you love the minis it's always fun to share the images of the finished paintwork and getting comments and critiques and questions really is icing on the cake after all that work since I know you guys love these little figs as much as I do.


@Baphomet69, Marsya, Zonto, Mercius, Don Rodolfo, Shakandara, Bruunwald, Jen, Neatpete, Haldir, Kuro, Matt, FMLament and Pez5767, thank you guys for the kind words and compliments and I'm glad you like these two. Thank you.


@Gwen, That sounds like fun! They have a free life drawing class once a month out here at a local museum and I actually went this month. No wine for me there but that would have been rad come to think of it. You're absolutely right about practice. Countless hours and hours. Luckily it's really fun and satisfying to pass time and decompress when practicing painting yeah.


@Steve, Hey brother I will get on that I don't think my old account works there since it's been so long since I've painted a FB mini and posted it there. I'll get some time tomorrow a lil in the morning thanks for the link!


@Warlady, yeah it was a tricky one to assemble I really worked at getting that thing to come together I'll tell ya. Lots of magic sculpt and drilling pin holes in everything. Thanks for noticing the green/red contrast on the base. That's the reason I chose to go with that color as odd as it seems. I'm always trying to mess around with that sort of thing to see what looks good other than grey and brown. One area I really need to improve on is bases so every little success is a big one for me.


@Derek, thanks for noticing the little things, that's kind of funny to say about miniatures come to think of it... As you know I really appreciate you taking your time out to give input on these man. The belly has been mentioned that it looks kind of rough by another as well I'll look closer at it and see what's going on. The pistol is a bit dark and the Future Widow has a really big head compared to her body that really emphasizes that old lady thing on top of what you mentioned, I was tempted to do away with her default head before I even assembled the piece but I didn't have a suitable female head in my bits collection. Now only if I had your way with sculpting I could have sculpted a whole new head from scratch and not taken a small lifetime doing it!


Thanks for noticing the text differences on the signatures I have to make use of all my fonts on my PC somehow. Let's see, inspiration for the freehand was a conglomerate of several images from my reference/inspiration folders that I gather together before approaching a piece for painting. Then I kind of fit little things in here and there that complement the overall direction the freehand chooses to take on. This one in particular has little parts of video game characters, concept art and tribal tattoo flash that I've saved to my pc. I have so much I couldn't tell ya exactly which bit came from where though.


@Apoc, Heya, the base on the first on was provided with the mini it's like a plated/panel type of floor, metal, that fits right into the metal base. I just painted to have a crazy looking pattern on it without any modification other than the paintwork.


Thanks again hope I got everyone!

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