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Vegetarian and Vegans or other diets please respond: Carnivores and Omnivores need not apply!


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So it looks like zucchini, onions, and mushrooms are popular off of the grill. I will look into those as well as maybe some eggplant or something else to grill up. I will also look at our mini-grill so the meet does not touch the veggies.


Since Reaper is not technically a food prep place, we try to cook most of everything at the drive-in and then just heat and serve at the convention. I think heating of veggies should be fine.


I will also try and have some of the sweet potatoes tots available as well. I still prefer the normal tots.


Also, in case anyone is worried we are all ServSafe certified through the NRA (that's Restaurant, not Rifle) and all of our equipment is NSF certified as well. We want to serve only the highest quality, safe food that we can at the convention.



Sonic Mike


PS Feel free to keep the ideas coming. We cannot promise everyone will be happy, but we will try!

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