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help with the basic paints to start


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i want to buy the basic colors to start painting again


but i see the propaint are extinct ::(:


and now there are normal and high density paints


which one i need and what colors i need to start


(theres an overwhelming variation of each color :blink: )



thank you

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To some degree, this depends on what kind of painting you want to do. An army painter might be better served by the MSP HD paints to get coverage in fewer coats. A display painter might prefer the MSP core colors which make layering easier. I've only used the MSP core line, but the HD line is there to complement it if you need it.


Here are a couple threads that discuss this topic. If you search the forums, you can find more.


Trying to choose starter paints


Essential Starter Colors

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I think the HD paints are similar to the GW Foundations: You can get good coverage with one hit. MSP's need a few layers to get a thick solid coat. I'm not excellent at painting, but I too loved the ProPaints and in my experience Vallejo and P3's are similar to coverage, but I'm wanting to grow my painting skills in the direction of blending and layers. (Pretty much I'm a base, wash, touch-up base, one highlight, kind of painter.) So, I'm trying to grow from there.

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