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Varashia, Vale Archer Sergeant


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fantastic job, Darkstar, as always.

you don't need more praises though, so let me add some critique as well ::):


Your freehanding skills are amazing, but that cloak is just too much... I can't concentrate my eyes on anything, there is no focus point to look at. gold pattern, green pattern, gems... It looks better at the inside of the cloak - just gold pattern and green material.sometimes less is better.


base - I believe such a great paintjob deserves something better than this. Base can be a nice complement to the mini, but it can also decrease the overall impression. Unfortunately - it's the case here. Unless it is a gaming piece, where you are limited with gaming base size.

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Hi guys, thanks for the comments and critiques, I appreciate you coming out and commenting!


@Gwen: The grey of her shirt is a color combo from Vallejo Model Color called US Blue Grey Pale, Dark Blue Grey and Pale Grey Blue. Ive noticed while learning about color at some point that greys have that whole 'relative' thing where they appear different relative to what color they're next to. In this case they pick up more of the green but you can still see the blue. Kind of a neat effect.


@Matt: The red is more or less just a few areas of washes/glazes with red to tie in some of the colors to the red sash. Like you mentioned her face and bow in this case. Giving the wood a redwood type of feel without painting it red helps to give the red sash more relevance. The red sash being the counter to the greens to break up the coolness with some warmth and striking contrast and stuff like that. Thanks for noticing.


@Marsya: The gold recipe for this piece is:


Base: Vallejo Model Color German Cam. Med Brown

Shade: GW Devlan Mud then GW Devlan + Badab Black

Reclaim the brown tones with the base color after shading.

Give warmth to the gold with Reaper MSP Harvest Brown

Highlight and bring about the yellow of the gold with VMC Golden Brown

Highlight the bright spots with MSP Linen White + MSP Clear Yellow being careful not to go too far into white and keep the specular highlights more yellow. This helps with the illusion of it being metal. I keep a gold ring nearby when painting to examine it and to remind me of how gold looks.

Glaze with VMC Golden Brown in select areas to give some life to the shaded areas and reflections.


@Nameless: Thanks for the critique, much obliged. Regarding the bases unfortunately I'm limited to having to put my minis on gaming bases since I sell much of what I paint and I can never tell if the piece is going to be used for gaming or for display. If I base it with a display quality base, then I limit the potential to sell it to those who would game with it, so I make the base pretty understated as a rule. I still pour hours into creating these bases from scratch, it's all hand sculpted out of plaster, stone and sand so I'm proud of them since it's an improvement over the "cork and static grass clump" method I used in the past, and with me every improvement is hard gained as far as bases go. I don't take enough time to master that aspect of the craft. Over time I hope to strike a balance between high quality and time spent making the bases. I wish I had more time to create incredible bases for every mini but time is just ... there's never enough.

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Fantastic. Crisp and elegant. Hope that she and I are never on opposite sides of a battle!


Agree to some extent with @Nameless's comments/suggestions:

Cloak: So spectacular that the gray tunic and smooth steel/silver vambraces look plain and are drawing my eye down in the front-view. Maybe could have added a simple gold or green detail with paint on the vambraces, for example?

Base: Looks good and I like the mix of stone, log, and moss, but could have added something above the level of her feet (make the plant behind the log bigger, add an arrow stuck into the ground, etc.) to make more of a visual knit between "base" and "figure"? Hmm... that's also advice to myself on my own bases!


Quote: "I keep a gold ring nearby when painting to examine it and to remind me of how gold looks."

And so you can occasionally purr "my prrreciousssss" to it, too, no doubt.... :;):



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