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03321 Damien, hellborn wizard: sculpt & paint Derek Schubert


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Thanks, everyone!


@FMLament: For the muscle work, I just looked in a mirror. ::P:


@vutpakdi: Coat colors: Brown Liner, Cinder Brown (the shadow of the Volcano Brown triad, now discontinued), add some Chestnut Brown (red-brown), then Redstone Highlight, and then add some Chestnut Gold (orange-tan). Almost every color on him has purple in the shadows, red in the midtone, and orange in the highlights.


@Stern Kestrelmann: The freehand on the back of the coat, in particular, was a lot less subtle when I first put it on -- I misjudged how light the orange-tan of straight Chestnut Gold would look -- but several glazes of Imperial Purple, Harvest Brown (darker orange-brown), and Brown Liner knocked it down to what you see here. On the base, I added those spikes to the base because otherwise it would have been just like the base for Vaeloth (standing on rocks, straddling a stream), and I broke my usual rule of not having the basing extend over the edges.


@Adrift: Glad you like the options for the left hand. It's interesting to sculpt them, but then the challenge seems to be letting everyone know that the options exist!


@Darkstar: The bottom parts of the coat itself aren't perfectly symmetrical (I blame the sculptor) :;): but I painted the right side first, and then adjusted how I did the left side so they both seem to have the same relation to the edges of the coat. I'm sure you're familiar with making freehand patterns fit asymmetrical surfaces! On the interior, the lines and shapes are asymmetrical (I imagine this as a snapshot of an ever-changing chaotic swirl), and the freehand on the cuffs is similarly irregular. I did a first version of the cuffs with a regular repeating pattern of reverse-curve arches, but it looked too fussy.


@MamaGeek: Thanks! I enjoyed these experiments with color.


@Marsya: I look forward to seeing how you paint these figures for yourself! I have ideas for other hellborn sculpts (such as a male bard and a female warlord with a polearm) but they're a few places back in the queue.


@bettagirl: I also tap-dance and juggle chainsaws while I'm sculpting and painting! ::P:


@Digital M@ and @Darkmeer: Right, the color mix for this figure is a lot like the one for Vaeloth. I also put some Nightshade Purple in Damien's shadows, and gave his skin a very thin overall glaze of Rust Brown, so he's a little darker and redder than Vaeloth.


@Mercius and @Akiosama: Thanks!


@Jubilee: Yes, it takes a certain confidence to wear purple pants! I considered adding pinstripes at one point, but decided against it.



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