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Paint flaking off between painting sessions


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Were you holding the mini in your hand as you painted?

It is likely those are spots where some skin oil got on and prevented the paint from adhering to the primer properly (or rubbed the primer clean off).  Both are areas that I would likely hold the mini as I painted it, it if was not attached to some sort of handle (which is why I always use a handle).


Is it bare metal or primer showing?

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Yeah it was heavy enough that I could not really use my medicine bottle.


It is bare metal showing which was weird and why I thought maybe it was not clean enough before I put the primer on.

I use old 35mm film canisters as my handles, and if I have a larger heavier mini to work on, I will fill it with water to give the handle extra weight.




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I would:

1.  Mount it on  handle

2.  Clean off the area where the paint is flaking off of, ensuring there is no loose paint

3.  Wash it with some soap

4.  Re-prime it with a brush on primer

5.  Then repaint that area and try to match it as best you can.


If you are that worried that you won't be able to blend the repair area into the rest of the mini, you can always strip the whole thing and start over!

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Don't worry about matching up the paint too much.  Unless there's a really huge patch of missing paint, if you even get close to matching up the paint to the area around it then it should look fine.

And washes are your friend - they cover a multitude of mistakes and will make the new paint blend into the old easily.

As long as you remember the colors you used, or have another color that comes close to the final shade a particular spot ended up being after highlighting or shading, it should be no problem to redo the paint and have it look like it never got messed up.


Make sure the unpainted area is clean and dry, carefully paint some new primer on it and then redo the paint. If the edges of it are visibly uneven, you can add an additional layer of unthinned paint (an extra basecoat) to bring the surface of the chipped part up to the level of the rest of the paint and then touch up a slightly larger area than the part that got chipped, which will even out the edges of it.

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