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This month from Khador

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So, here's my tale of warmahordes for the month of February. Still working out my camera issues, but here goes.


I finished a prime Sorscha, Marauder, Juggernaut, Destroyer, and a unit of Widowmakers this month. Here's what I ended up with, and, as always, C&C welcome (although the camera issues remain with Sorscha especially). The reds do come out true in the photo, but not so much the tone of her flesh, which is why I put the horrible close-up in the image.











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I found I have learned a lot about my work by taking photos, even bad ones. I seen details and flaws with the magnified pics that I can't see while painting. For some reason, once I see them in the photo it is easier to get my brush to work or repair issues even though I still cannot see them on the model I am painting.


Are you planning n basing or are you just working on painting basics?


thanks for sharing.

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The plan is to take August "off" from painting and base everything I'm working on at once, so it is all consistent with itself. For now, I'd say working on the basics. Of all things, Sorscha's detail drives me to pull my hair out, as she looks great in hand (minus the one mold line I missed... not to good with those).

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TY, Silas. Although when I compare to the other fine painters here at Reaper, I'm a very, very lousy painter. I love the tips I get from them, it is helping to improve.

np I know that feeling. I used to do a lot on this site called Deviant art. You could post your art and see others. In the process I got so discouraged I almost stopped drawing. :P Just keep it up, and you'll get there. :)

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