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Kuro's ReaperCon Dwarves

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Well, so they're not really Kuro's dwarves; I'm just their maker. They're really the loyal followers and friends of King Dolgrim the Steadfast!


As some of you may know if you've been keeping an eye on the ReaperCon section of the forums, I have set before myself the grand goal of completing a Warlord army to take with me to ReaperCon. However, a few of you may also be aware of the fact that I've NEVER truly finished an army for any miniature battle game before. That's a grim history, but history is about to change!


EDIT: As of 5/14/2012, I officially completed King Dolgrim's Clan! This original post now showcases the whole army in all of their glory! :;):


First up is the army list:



Dwarves - 999 points


Troop 1

King Dolgrim the Steadfast (counts as King Thorgram Grimsteel)

Mithril Armor

Moril the Mender (counts as Ivar Silverfist)

Rana Red Wrath (counts as Margara Firetongue)

Berserker x 2


Warrior x 3

Halberdier x 4


Troop 2

Tolin Deathbell (counts as Tohil Steadyhand)

Kirabell Sureheart (counts as Kara Foehunter)

Piercer x 6


Troop 3

Svar Blackbolt (counts as Snorri Oathbreaker)

Magic Ranged Weapon


Troop 4

Luck Stone



Next, a brief note on tactics:


The goal of this army will be to present an impenatrable wall with the king and his line of warriors while Svar and all the other archers thin the enemy ranks and try to keep the main force from being outmaneuvered. Along those lines, the main force will follow the buddy system. Each warrior and the shieldmaiden will be teamed with a halberdier while the king will have Ivar's healing support. The berserkers will watch the flanks or act as shocktroopers or speedbumps. Margara will have a more loosely defined role, but I do want to see her cast Barrage on Svar and turn his RAV 6 shots into 3" poisonous AOE blasts. Speaking of Svar, he'll lay down the heavy firepower and make the enemy mages keep their heads low, and he'll do it all from stealth. Lastly, Tolin and Kirabell will direct the fire of the piercer company; trying to cope with fast threats or approaching hordes.


Stubbdog also made the astute observation that I won't always be able to sit back and let the enemies of the dwarves break themselves upon my might shield wall :down:, so other tactics are in order! Hopefully, in situations where I need to move and capture objectives, the main block of troops should be able to advance in reasonable order while the berserkers function as shock troops and the archers provide covering fire and deal with flanking attempts. And, hey, if all else fails, dwarves are natural sprinters, right? ::D:



Alrighty! Now that we've got all that out of the way, here's the troops!



The entire army:






King Dolgrim the Steadfast (counts as King Thorgram Grimsteel):





Svar Blackbolt (counts as Snorri Oathbreaker):





Moril the Mender (counts as Ivar Silverfist):





Tolin Deathbell (counts as Tohil Steadyhand):





Kirabell Sureheart (counts as Kara Foehunter):





Rana Red Wrath (counts as Margara Firetongue):





Thanks for looking!

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They are looking good. I especially like the Crossbow over on the far right.


One thing I will say to keep in mind on your tactics and list building, and I am not saying that you need to change anything, but just keep in mind that in the RCon tourney, the three games that will be played will each usually have a different theme to the scenario. That is, there is usually a kill em all scenario, where you might be able to use the more defensive "wall" that you are describing. But, there usually are also scenarios that require you to move around and acheive something outside of killing the opponent.


So, when you build your list, ask yourself if the list can be used in both capacities.


Again, not saying you need to change anything about your list, just saying to keep that in mind.

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@ Shakandara: Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying hard, and failure is not an option. ::): If I get the time, I even want to take pictures of each individual model, photocopy their stat card, and put them together on like a Magic the Gathering card back in order to create a customized stat card for every trooper.



@ Stubbdog: Thanks for the compliments and the tips! Yeah, I guess I subconsciously figured that they'd need to be able to do some stuff besides "turtle" and outlast the enemy, but I think that I'll have enough flexibility with this list to do some other objective-based stuff as well. At least, I'm *hoping* that they're not too much of a one-trick-pony. ::):



@ JeffyBaby: And thanks to you too! That longbeard is definitely one of my all-time-favorite dwarf sculpts as well, and he was actually the first dwarf model I ever painted (probably first painted about 8 years ago...), but I gave him some touch-ups to update him to serve in this force. However, he'll probably never really hit the tabletop since he's a non-reaper model and therefore illegal as a proxy in the tourney ::(:. He'll just have to be a crusty ol' trainer for the new recruits!

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Very nice! I especially like the paint scheme on Tolin's cloak - looks like camouflage for a stand of birch (I hope I got my tree right - I'm not so good at that).


Thanks (and I'm not very good with my tree names either, but I think you're correct ::): )! I was pretty happy with it too, but it drives me nuts that I messed up in my 3-dimensional thinking and somehow decided that the stripes on the hood are supposed to go vertically instead of horizontally!? Oh well, I'll just have to say that his cloak is actually made from two different pieces of fabric so that when his hood is up, he blends in. :;):

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