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Kuro's ReaperCon Dwarves

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I am FINALLY back on schedule! With the addition of Svar Blackbolt to my forces, the army is almost 2/3 done now, and I can feel the end drawing near.


Svar was actually quite fun to paint, and I am especially proud of his face and hair. I tried to add a graying effect to his hair, but I'm not sure that I pulled it off quite like I wanted too; nevertheless, I'm pleased with the results.


As to why he has a skull and a flower on his base, that goes back to my army backstory (coming soonTM), but it illustrates his fallen but redeemable character. Hey, speaking of that flower, it looks kind of similar to the ones in Kirabell's hair, doesn't it? I wonder if that's just coincidence...






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You made me stay up late enough waiting for this... :angry: (ok, not really, you know me. I don't like to go to bed)


But Svar is super cool! The greying beard turned out really well as did the eyes. The second pic also makes it look like his eye is twinkling. Too bad that's probably just camera trickery. I also like the crossbow, the black with silver edging looks cool.

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I hope you're wanting luck in the tourney and not luck for getting two figures done in three weeks. :;):


lol, actually it will be harder to finish those two in the three weeks. I have to fly home for about a week (two weddings and an impending graduation), and then come back to 12 hour shifts every day but Sunday at work. I've gotta make this happen though!


(And luck at the tourney would sure be nice. In the words of Han Solo, "You're gonna need it!")

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No. Throw that bad boy into some cleaner and scub him clean tomorrow.


As Little Robby Snider would say "YOu can do it!"


Thanks! I was feeling quite tired and ready to give up yesterday, but this helped. ::):


I ran my wounded king over to work today, plunged him into an ultrasonic cleaner loaded with acetone, and watched as shiny metal reappeared. His base was kind of destroyed in the process, and other damage occured, but I did get a new coat of spray paint on him, and it is smooth as silk!

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Well, ReaperCon is over now, and I finally had some time to post pictures of my last two minis! So, here they are:


King Dolgrim the Steadfast



Rana Red Wrath




As far as the tourney went, my short-legged little guys couldn't move fast enough to give me a real shot at the senarios, but I had an awesome time nonetheless, and the dwarves certainly bloodied their foes pretty well in most of my battles! I'll be sure to post some battle reports soon in the Warlord section of the forums, so keep an eye out!


Lastly, the final army pictures have been posted in the original post!

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