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Forgeworld Deathkorps of Krieg

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Hello guys,


I haven't been active here for quite some time now, but now I'm back again :)


I'm currently working on a Deathkorps of Krieg army for WH40K (among other things ::):

at the moment the first Leman Russ Vanquisher is nearing its completion and I would love som opinions on it...







anyone knows how to post links to albums made in Google+ Picasa?




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Looks really good. I would suggest "dirtying up" the treads on it as they are a bit shiny compared to the rest of the paint job. I would also add a half moon shape of lighter blue to the lenses to give them a reflective appearance. Overall though, that looks hella good.

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Love it.


If it were me, though, I'd add a bit more metal (chips, scratches, etc.) to the areas with rust, then rust them up a bit more. Right now, it looks like all the rust is coming through paint (which is realistic and very cool), but would result in weakening and chipping as well.

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