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Giant Insect WIP


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That's looking really good for a first time sculpt! So much better than the first lumps of putty I tried telling my mates were lovingly scultped works of art - oh how they laughed. My first bit of advice would be this "practice makes perfect". Keep working at the techniques and be bold and confident. The great thing about sculpting (unlike painting) is that if you're not happy with something you can chop/file/sand it off and try again.


My second bit of advice, about this insect dude specifically, is to see if you can vary the textures a bit more. I'm liking the variety of sizes, shapes and depths of the pits and dimples, they're giving the figure a pretty realistic carapace. However, why not try and build up some raised textures too - humps and bumps and ridges, just to make it a little more 3d and will bring out some contrast. It also gives us painters more to work with :;):


I must say, I don't favor the orc's chances against him though! Methinks 'Day of the Triffids' meets 'Starship Troopers' ::o:

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