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When I posted some of my previous work in the Show Off Forum, it was pointed out to me that I was using a lot of pastel colors. I am trying to expand past that and have done my first blue cloak with highlights and blending. Please give me your opinion on the colors, blending etc.


This is also the first time I have highlighted red. It is very subtle as they are stripes, but I would appreciate any feedback on what and how to improve (That goes for the whole mini).


The shirt is still in progress, but as I have changed the shade of the brown stripes 3 times, The shirt has lost clarity and crispness. Any suggestions on how to fix that. Also I could use idesa on how to define the lines between the stripes without screwing up the stripes.


The flesh is not looking like the bronze color I was looking for. If I find the right color combo I could probably address it with a wash and highlighting.


I have done nothing with the bow or pants yet, but if you want to share ideas, I am always open.



My ego is not fragile. Let me know how to make this little booger better.


Front View


Back View

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The cloak looks like an excellent first blue. I second the starkness of a couple of the shadows; a bit of the mid-tone painted over their edges would blend them in nicely. There could be one brighter highlight (a very pale blue?) on back where the cloak falls across his shoulder, along the hood edge, and the edge that drapes across his chest.


The skin seems to be a pretty nice bronze. I'll guess you wanted a browner tone? I'll try to think of a good combo; I've been painting pale chicks and undead for too long. ::P:


The stripes on the shirt have a very good start. To define them again, you might try a dark brown, thinned down to nearly wash consistency and with a flow improver, and paint in very thin lines between them. A diluted ink would also work. I'd seal the work before doing this, as it's tricky.


The highlight on the red is a good color choice; you could even take it a stage brighter on the sleeve and tunic hems. The brown stripes do need highlighting, of course, just following where you've placed them on the reds.


The brown of the shirt and pants appear to have a purplish undertone (Volcano Brown?) A yellow brown on the bow and arrow shafts, like a golden oak color, would be a pleasing contrast. Just a suggestion--feel free to snort or roll eyes. ::D:


Good start on this model.

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Thanks for the replies. I will lighten up the dark recesses in the cloak. The cloak had started and was ntended as a darker blue, but when I saw the first photos I had taken, I did not like the transitions and in fixing them, I ended up lightening the cloak color.



I am going for the golden oak on the wood and Paintrix, you have a good eye, I did start with volcano brown.

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I may add one, as I have not done that before. I have used several layers of blue glazes to soften the dark creases and have brightened the red stripes and lightened the brown ones. I have the whites of his eyes done as well. This week I want to finish his face and pants.


When I dropped him his bow bent causing the paint to flake and the primer to come off on the top half of the bow. I don't have brushable primer and have no game stores close by, any idea on what I can do? Also with the bow, I wanted to do a blonde oak and am looking for suggestions of colors to start or end with.

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When I dropped him his bow bent causing the paint to flake and the primer to come off on the top half of the bow. I don't have brushable primer and have no game stores close by, any idea on what I can do?

You might be able to find a folk art or Delt brushable primer from Wal-Mart, but definitely Michaels or a craft store. JoAnne fabrics would work.


Do you have brushable sealant. You could paint the area. Seal it. Paint it again. Then seal it again at the very end.


Although its best to have primer, if you are talking about a very small spot, painting several coats should be fine provided you are using a sealant at the very end. Make sure you smooth the area well before painting so there isn't a line/texture spot where paint chipped.

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