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So the KS hit many things on my list and even hit some things I had let go when originally making it...but here is what is left:


03602: Stone Lurker

03607: Lizardman Shaman

02657: Lardgulp, Two Headed Troll

03574: Barbed Devil

03572: Skalathrix, Vulture Demon

03558: DHL Classics: Lizardmen II

03474: DHL Classics: Ghosts

03448: DHL Classics: Female Barbarians - and similar “3 packs” of PC appropriate models.

03407: Hellborn Troll

65111: Frost Giant Warrior or maybe a new sculpt along the same lines (ala the Fire Giants from KS)

03422: Dire Crocodile

03432: DHL Classics: Undead Hounds

03435: Dire Boar

03416: DHL Classics: Female Undead

02786: Mash, Half Ogre

60021: Troll

03049: Huge Spider

03040: Hobgoblins

02469: Bugbear Warriors (because 1 bugbear is kind of dull)

02252 - air elementals and a new Water elemental sculpt (all in translucent plastic)

02467: Gnoll Marauders (still need more gnoll options)

02955: Krokuta, Gnoll Cleric

03277: Hyena Pack (2)

03295: Snar Mangebelly, Kobold King

03239: Krug, Hill Giant Chieftain

03208: Brass Bull

03146: Frog Men (2)

02977: Gogglers(3)

02941: Ghouls and Ghast (3)

02871: Wererats (2)

02830: Wolf Pack (3)

02788: Leorelex, Dragon Lion

02737: Dung Monster

02674: Chimera


My answer is still really “everything”, but baby steps I know :)

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Obviously the kickstarter has padded out the line considerably, but as I was looking at the hero and anti-hero models, I note there is a lack of male models with two-handed swords.


There are I believe 3 female models (the dragon slayer, a fighter, and the Pathfinder iconic barbarian), and an orc. It seems that most are shield goobs or two weapon wielders for everyone else. I find this a bit odd considering the popularity for melee characters to weild two-handed swords.


So one or two great sword models who lack breasts, would be great, maybe one with a closed face helm, and one without. A great weapon wielding dwarf would also be nice, and an easy conversion if someone wanted to make the great sword into a great axe or visa versa depending on how you want to sculpt it.


If you want to tack in one or two polearm warriors (maybe generic plated male and female) as well, that would be gravy ;)



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Given some older suclpts had polearms etc swapped out, it seems likely that poles and really long swords are tough to cast this way. It would still be cool to see some, though.


Single grip long poles would be an issue, but a fighting grip, like the orc spear man should be pretty well supported as far as I can tell from the Bones i've got so far.


As for the great swords, well the ladies and one of the orcs have them, so there are ways to manage it. :) Someone half-swording, or resting their sword on their shoulder would be additional poses that would help resist "weapon flop". LOL



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I'm one of those folk who were drawn into the Kickstarter. I've played RPGs since 1979, but never had more than minimal interest in minis. The Kickstarter, though, was exactly what I was looking for - plastic, inexpensive minis, in a comprehensive set that I could buy and have a good spectrum of minis to use all at once. I don't intend to paint them (though that could change; I may paint them with a wash to bring out details), and like the durability of the plastic. Now, I find I'd love to see even more to add to the set I have coming in 2013. Here is a list of what I'd like to see; some of these repeat what others have said, so just think of them as a reinforcement of those requests:


Kabaka K'wana, Giant Ape Lord - This is at the top of the list by a wide margin. Big fan of King Kong here.


Pack animals - mules, camels, horses, pack lizards


Ducks - OK, I know this is a long shot. I'm a fan of Howard the Duck (the comic, not the wretched movie), and he's done plenty of adventuring in a context much like RPG characters find themselves. Plus, RuneQuest has had anthropomorphic ducks as a sentient race in Glorantha for decades. There have been a few duck minis in adventuring gear, but I'd be stoked to buy a bunch of them in affordable plastic. Like I said, I don't expect this to ever have any support, but I'm throwing it out there because I'd definitely buy them.


"Dire" and "Giant" animals - I'm thinking of staples from old school D&D, where dwarves road giant rams and giant goats butted PCs off cliffsides. Giant weasels, badgers, eagles, etc. and dire...well, anything, are favorites of mine when I'm DMing. This includes something like the "oliphants" from the Lord of the Rings movies, or just elephants/mammoths/mastodons in general. Though Samurai007 pointed out Safari Ltd, which I need to check out.




Big cats - Lions, tigers




Vikings and Berserkers


How about a set based on the Terra Cotta warriors unearthed in China?


Horses/mounted riders, especially knights


Bigfoot and Yeti


More science-fiction-themed minis - I'd even buy a flying-saucer-and-little-green-men diorama set, maybe with cows and abductee minis.


The suggestion for diorama sets above was outstanding. I'd love something like that. "Theme" packs also sound great, perhaps a "Fellowship" pack (without infringing copyrights, of course).


I'd love to see Frazetta-inspired minis, from Conan to John Carter to Tarzan, but I guess there are already minis in the KS set that could double as any of them.


Anyway, I know this is a big list, and most are unlikely to even be considered, but I just wanted to voice what I'd absolutely buy as Bones, if they were ever made.

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My crazy wish lists of miniatures to see someday...


Goblin king


Goblins riding gigantic bats (bats must be quite large compared to the rider) (riders removable to use just the giant bats as monsters)


Goblins riding gigantic spiders (riders removable so spiders can be used as stand alone monsters)


Black spikey Plate mail wearing knights riding giant scorpions (scorpion size must be large compared to the rider)


Black spikey plate mail wearing knights riding giant ravens!


Giant wasps with stingers at the ready


Gigantic demonic lava/fire bull


Tiik warriors (fish-men) riding gigantic crabs into battle


Lizardmen with blowpipes riding giant toads and or turtles into battle


Zombie t-rex


Mermen with tridents riding sharks into battle (side saddle of course)


More mobs sculpts of pitchfork and torch wielding villagers (yes I know there are three in the catalog but more sculpts would be welcome and in the bones material)


Prisoners in chains for dungeons.


More town folks


It would be great to see all the mounts mentioned having removable riders so they could be used as monsters in rpg scenarios.

used as monsters in rpg scenarios.

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