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Bones You'd Like To See


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Im digging those molds (thanks for the link). Maybe he can put an inn brick cooking oven on the mold if he has the space. Looks like there will be lots of useful stuff to make with them!

Hrmmm, Scotia - Grendel had one in resin... let me check....



10035 Tavern Kitchen - 7 GBP. Still there. One of my favorite pieces by them. Their entire series for tavern terrain is pretty decent.


The Auld Grump


Here's what they look like finished: http://images.yuku.com/image/pjpeg/b0f265d53e31e3342f1413ff8c63fb1f12bb3c0e.JPG


And http://images.yuku.com/image/jpeg/98f1685d343c2541ff576b9f4f70f8f1f9e69ba3.JPG

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I would like to see affordable bones I could use to create full fledged armies.


The stuff Reaper's got is very high quality, every single model can easily pass off as an individual character, and that they definitely are, individual characters. While that's great, I'd love to see some cannon fodder, minions, footsloggers made in bones to swell up the ranks. Less emphasis on rpg, more emphasis on wargaming.

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Are there specific models/troop-types you have in mind?


From wargames I have collected for, when it came to cheap there were old mono-pose plastic troops, is that what you want? A single generic model with the most common weapon load out for a specific rules set looking like they're on a parade ground? Or were you looking for 2 or more poses per unit? I'm not criticizing, just curious. Back in 4th edition Warhammer GW produced single pose generic troops that and they were fine, not exciting, but they did get the job done. Examples included the dwarfs with hand axes, men with halberds, beastmen with halberds, black orcs with axe and sword, wood elf with bow, etc. I have some of the beastmen, and I converted them to bestigor when the rules updates made the models obsolete...


To a limited extent, if you want to do undead armies, the Bones line will be able to support a far amount of army depending on your game of course:


Skeleton with bow

Skeleton with sword

Skeleton with spear

Zombies (two poses)

Mummies (three poses)


Vampire (the male from the KS, and probably the female from legendary encounters will be made a Bones model)


Bat swarm


Various ghosty/wraithy things


Flesh Golem


I'd love to hear which troops/models you're looking for to be made in Bones.




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Some sets I would like to see in the next KS

Dungeon Dressing II

03587 Crystal ball gripped in hand

03291 Telescope

03187 Gem on a stand

03186 Table with books

03138 Lectern

02677 Treasure Stacks


Pack mule

Pack horse

Pack cammel

Crate stack



Little Command

Kobold leader

Kobold sorcerer

Goblin leader

Goblin shaman


Gnoll cleric

Gnoll leader

Bugbear leader

Black Orc Shaman

Reinforcements (good for multiple buys)

Kobold crossbowman

Bugbear crossbowman

Hobgoblin warrior

Bugbear warrior (alternate)

Townsfolk, The Inn

Dancing girl

Bouncer with club

Drinking dwarf


Townsfolk, Town Officials



Female Noble


Townsfolk, The Law


Town guard with halberd


Town guard with club

Townsfolk, Business

Foreign merchant


Market vendor female

Market vendor male

Pickpocket kid

Stretch Goal Options

Exotic Idol


Well of Doom

Huge Spider


Blacksting, Wyvern

Other Stuff


Vermina, Rat queen

Balalian Drone


Savage Worlds

Bone fiend


Mad scientist, female

Old pete

Some of the many Dark Haven (top picks, in no particular order)

Barrow wight guardian

Lola Darkslip

Dalton Krieg, Adventuring Knight

Sabertooth Tiger

Lurg, Half Orc Assassin

Vampire Spawn

Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem

Barrow Warden Mystic

Angel of Radiance

Nanuranidd, Dark Elf Sorcerer

Ferrunk, Female Bugbear Cleric

Krug, Hill Giant Chieftain

Rogan, Half-Orc Thief


Gris Knotslip, Dwarf Trapfinder

Dorva, Female Dark Elf

Crypt of the Vampiress (vampiress only)


Worm Corpse

Charnel Grub

Giant Snake

Lord of the Gnolls

Axebeak, Prehistoric Bird

Murder of Crows

Dungeon Tribes, Orc Matron and Brood

Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest

Mab Grindylow, Sea Hag

Evil Sea Priest of Maersuluth


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Hmm, now that it is known that Pathfinder figures are being released as Bone, a whole lot of large and really large figures that might not have been tempting in metal become a possibility.


As someone else mentioned - Otyughs. Bullettes, various and sundry dragons, the Kracken (I am quite happy with the one I got a few months ago - so happy that I want everyone to have a chance of painting the brute), dire tigers, Taiga giants, flail snails....


The Auld Grump

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Two ideas:


A $10-20 bashing/modding/basing kit. Go through the boneyard, and put in skulls, bones, weapon and armor bits. The cats from Edna. Signposts, books, bottles... See if the Sales department can pull a list of the top individually ordered boneyard bits for ideas?


The second, go to your artists and see what they have in their dead-ideas folders. The designs that would have cost $150-$300 to sell in metal, so they had to pass on. C'thulu probably falls in this category already. Since you're doing something new here, you've got the potential to blow our minds. Use it!

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