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Bones You'd Like To See


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I want to see the were-sharks already in production and a few more, goblin shark anyone?

03114: Deva, Angel - I am not usually a fan of angels or bald chicks, but there is something about this sculpt I love

I want to see Irish/Scottish inspired fae (sidhe, kelpies,nuckalevee, kilmoulis, Jimmy Squarefoot, selkies, etc.)

Feral Elves!

Really? In general I want to see more Celtic/Norse inspired sculpts, there is so much untapped potential, without falling to the kilted scotsmen or muscle-bound vikings.

And finally, a full-bodied Bullette. I have the Burrowing Horror but would love to see it in full.

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03526: Dorly Luckrock, Halfling Scout ($4.99)




I love that figure - he was a PC in my Elf & Orc War campaign (think French & Indian War, with the Elves as the French, the Orcs as the Indians, the Humans as the Brits, and the Dwarfs as the Hessians...).


Ran it in Pathfinder, with the Guns Everywhere option. Witches were the most common spell casting class, and the PCs got to be on the pointy end of the stick when the humans relations with their own orc allies went pear shaped.... :devil:


That war was such a mess for all concerned. ::P:


I'll tell it to you as they told it to me
By the glow of the campfire burning.
By the banks of the water where we sported and played,
They once faced the fury of battle.

CHORUS: And up through the Champlain came the Highland Brigade
The pipes and the drummer played "Scotland the Brave."
But when they sailed home the piper's refrain
Was, Oh, how cruel the volley."

To one Duncan Campbell it came in a dream
That he'd meet his fate where he never had been;
Where the blue waters roll and the stickerbush tear,
It's "Travel well, Duncan, I'll wait for you there.

"For the French and the Indian have challenged our King."
(To a soldier like Duncan, no need to explain.)
"It's many a time I've traveled the waves
To find my fate in the fire."

From Fort William Henry their boats have shoved off
To the North of Lake George in the morning;
To the place the Frenchmen call Carillon,
And the Indians: Ticonderoga.

And the word struck Duncan like a thunderbolt there;
Everyone knew of the warning.
"Oh, give us a tune to remember me by,
For tomorrow I'll not be returning."

When the gunpowder flashed, the Highlanders died,
Never again to walk the hillside.
In the wilderness green, in the sun and the rain,
It's here they're forever remaining.

And I've told it to you as they told it to me,
Of one Duncan Campbell and the Highland Brigade.
When the campfires flicker in the summertime's wane,
through the mist on the water comes the piper's refrain.


Some musket wielding Elves would be nice, too....


The Auld Grump

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I would like to add a full burrowing horror to my list. The face/claws rising up out of the ground is nice, and would also make a nice bones (if it isn't already a nice bones, since I've forgotten what's coming for the 20th time). But since Bones allows for bigger models, then a full version is now more practical.


I have a village full of halflings I'd like to chase up some trees.

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ReaperBryan in the translucent preview thread said:

We've looked at blue, also smoky purple for shadow monsters, and true clear for air elementals. There's really no limit *if* we can fill exactly one mold with models to be made in that material - I don't want to make a bunch of blue models and some of them not make sense in blue, for example.


Could we get a fair number of the PC types (and intelligent monsters) in true clear translucent? I am thinking that they would work wonderfully for invisible characters.

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