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Bones You'd Like To See


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I'd like an original sculpt for a Rabid Dire Squirrel. Or a Rabid Squirrel Swarm.

This was a while ago but I totally love the idea of a rabid Squirrel Swarm - I think my partner wouldn't know whether to love or hate them XD

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I'd like to see more of the Town Folk line added into Bones. You always need NPC figure to interact with the party between combat encounters. The two sets in the Bones offered now are a great start but more are welcome. They already have the figures in metal so I hope the conversion will not be to long in coming.

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Still wanting the bones bits (weapons/shields sprues, spikey add on bits, maybe additional heads...)


With how easy it is to cut through the bones material, modding these guys would be very easy, and having some inexpensive bits would help people get into the modding spirit.

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I know plenty of people have said "all of Reaper's past & current models into Bones" and while I would agree with that I know its not feasible. The list following are models that I would love to see that I think would add more variety to what is already available (whether has been added to the store or was in the KS). Some of these are things others have said, I simply added them to say that I want these too :;): I know its a long list but I was trying to be comprehensive and I swear I actually left a lot out that are also on my wish list (such as - a few Nefsokar models, Demons, Horror & Aberrations, Angels, more Pathfinder Characters & Dark Heaven Characters) maybe I will put them in a different reply :blush:


Mounted Character Models

14230: Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero

14375: Volendria, Mounted Female Archer

14433: Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider Captain

03000: Kyra & Lavarath - yes I slipped in another dragon - but isnt this an amazing model!

New model - Character model on a Riding Dog, maybe a halfling or gnome


Generic Monsters

02479: Ettin

60021: Troll

14582: Yeti Warrior

02917: Birdman

02877: Mountain Troll

03483: Slimes

02919: Burrowing Horror

60055: Keketar Protean


14110: Centaur Archer

14497: Chiral, Centaur Captain

02657: Lardgulp, Two Headed Troll

14459: Couatl



02253: Water Elemental

02780: Water Elemental

02252: Wind Elemental

14245: Dust Devil

02538: Lesser Elementals



14086: Giant Eagle - I adore this model

14452: Dire Bear

02415: Dire Wolves

03570: Sabertooth Tiger

03052: Kabaka Kwana, Ape Lord

02544: Barrow Rats

02739: Dire Bat

02675: Giant Snake

02841: Basilisk

03499: Animal Companions 2

New Model - Pack Horse/Mule

New Model - Horse with Sadle


Hordes & Mobs

Generic Human NPCs - things that can be guards, bandits - such as:

06023: Anhurian Swordsmen

06025: Anhurian Crossbowmen

03312: Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim


60066: Mites

60040: Pugwampis

02876: Goblin Leader & Shaman


Mythological Creatures

New Model - Hippogryph

New Model - Pheonix

02794: Oriental Dragon

02854: Baby Dragons

02802: Dragon Hatchlings

& MORE Dragons - not so much because there aren't any but more because you can NEVER have enough dragons :;):

10021: Viridius

10020: Marthrangul



14442: Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder

03370: Crymorian Warrior

06192: Gaan-Hor Warriors

03487: Dragonette


Dungeon Dressing & Items

02313: Treasure Hoard I

02652: Magic Treasures III (especially the scrolls, Orb & book stand)

Books in 02554: Magic Treasure II

02094: Pillars of Good & Evil

02767: Urn of Ashes

New Models - Weapon & Armor Rack

New Models - Camp Site - tents, campfire, laid out bed roll



I'd love to see Reaper expand into detailed bases - with logs, rocks, ruins, tree stump etc. I love the dragon head in one of the new models in the KS that I could see selling as a base without the character.


While all of these are on my wishlist I do want to say that I am so happy and excited about the current Kickstarter and I think it was an amazing deal that I was so thrilled to be apart of. I dont know if Reaper will ever do another Bones Kickstarter - I hope they do, that is something I would jump at whatever models they put in simply because I would want to show Reaper my support (not to mention how good the current kickerstarter is). I never expect all of these models to make it into Bones - but it never hurts to dream.



EDITED : 9/3 just removing some of the spaces that I didnt notice until I posted this

2nd EDIT: removed Oxidation Beast as it is in the current KS (yay!)

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That is a good list babbles. Especially the mounted figures, one area the first kickstarter lacked for me. Mounted figures are very useful for RPGs and they tend to be expensive. The oxidation beast though is already done.

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@Suden Now that you have said it and I went back and looked - I see the model. For some reason I keep forgetting that there are more than just character models in those first 60 models. I missed the Mockingbeast too at first.


I love finding Models I had missed/forgotten that were in the kickstarter that all of a sudden its like oh I get that too. XD

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Lovecraftian monsters like the gug and hound of tindalos would be great (to go with the deep "dwellers", shoggoths and star-spawn I'm getting from the kickstarter), and from a "normal" fantasy perspective a pegasus and some of the mermaids might also make me grin. Oh, and giant mushrooms and/or mushroom people would also be nice!

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That list babbles made is a pretty good one, and compiles quite a few that have been mentioned into one easy-to-reference place. The variety of the list made me think of it as very utilitarian, in that it covers a lot of spots not already covered by the Kickstarter, with a few exceptions. If Reaper did decide to do another Bones Kickstarter, and the collection of minis looked like that list, I'd be very happy. Well, I'll be happy with any Bones Kickstarter, but that list would make me extra-happy due to how many D&D niches it covers - I hadn't seen that basilisk before, for example, or those centaurs.

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I'd like to see a few Chronoscope minis in the translucent plastic to represent characters with cloaking devices/invisibility powers

maria either in white or clear.

the alien with the big axe thing in clear

a clear megamutant or just some mega mutants in general

Xair Bots in white

invisable nightslip in clear green or maybe blue

and ALF 24 in any style, because mass production bone bots are great

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More bones I'd like to see:


Heroes & Adventurers:

03610: Achilles, Mythical Hero

03599: Drake Whiteraven, Young Mage

03568: Arthal Nightblade, Elf Ranger

03452: Culk, Young Rake

02304: Vanessa of the Blade

02029: Princess Elena



02677: Townsfolk IV: Bandits

03233: Townsfolk: Children


Monsters & Demons:

03574: Barbed Devil

03549: Witch

03501: Deathspinner Spider

03438: Darkspawn Cultist

02542: Bulgoth, Troll King

03053: Ibycus, Satyr


Aquatic Creatures:

03614: Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest

03611: Mab Grindylow, Sea Hag

03629: Aerakallis, Vampire Mermaid

03608: Aquatic Familiars II

03422: Dire Crocodile

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All the rest of the larger D&D-type monsters


Agreed! Large, scary things to kill my players with! Other things to kill my players with! Generally varied D&D-ish monsters :)


A set of mis-shaped, evil, wizardly made stuff, like 3.5 pseudonatural creatures :)

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