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Bones You'd Like To See


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I would love to see the common figures like many other people said to make cost effective large groups of....

Humans ( All Classes )

Goblinkind - you know the drill

Undead - skeletons ghouls zomies etc.

Figures to populate towns - people, horses carts etc...

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So my first Bones blisters came in the mail yesterday. They're nice, but the material is very different than the metal products I'm used to.


To me, the appeal of Bones is that they are an affordable way to have multiples of the same sculpt (e.g. goblin warriors) or a lightweight larger model (e.g. ogre champion).


I'm pretty satisfied overall. For regular-sized 28mm minis? Nah, I'll stick with metal. But if I need an army of orcs or a hulking beast of some sort? BONES!


Hope to see more big creatures and hordes of littler creatures.

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I think there should be an "Artists of Reaper" set of Bones figures. Each Sculptor and artist should be represented in their own figure. Heck, throw in Ed and others who may be more behind the scenes.

Actually, this would make an awesome set for Chronoscope action series:

Base Master Proctor

AirBrush Jones

Wereman Wiebe

Mousy Van Horne?


Hmm, their character names may need work.

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Having gotten a solid start on the Bones line I’m pleased to hear it is being expanded and very much want to see more!


What I need are monsters that are fairly common in FRPGs and often used in multiples.


Here are some specific models I’d like to see:


03616: Tiik Warriors

03602: Stone Lurker

02522: Hell Hounds

03607: Lizardman Shaman

02657: Lardgulp, Two Headed Troll

03574: Barbed Devil

03572: Skalathrix, Vulture Demon

03558: DHL Classics: Lizardmen II

03544: Fire Beetles

03528: Dust Scorpions

03502: DHL Classics: Orcs

03501: Deathspinner Spider

03474: DHL Classics: Ghosts

03448: DHL Classics: Female Barbarians - and similar “3 packs” of PC appropriate models.

03465: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness

06218: Isiri Arachnid Archers (in individual blisters)

06207: Isiri Arachnid Warriors (in individual blisters)

03407: Hellborn Troll

03431: Frost Giant Princess - and all the other giants of her size/style

03422: Dire Crocodile

03432: DHL Classics: Undead Hounds

03435: Dire Boar

03416: DHL Classics: Female Undead

02786: Mash, Half Ogre

60021: Troll

03269: Moor Troll (it’s hard to tell how big he is, but if he looks appropriate on a 2” x 2” base that would be great)

03049: Huge Spider

02481: Goblin War Band

03040: Hobgoblins

02469: Bugbear Warriors

65143: Griffon

03137: Nor’Okk, Ettin

02498: Snakemen

02544: Barrow Rats

02717: Dragon of Fire

02203: Hydra of Lerna

02251-02252 - fire & air elementals

02467: Gnoll Marauders

65028: Blacktongue, Gnoll Ranger

02955: Krokuta, Gnoll Cleric

03277: Hyena Pack (2)

03295: Snar Mangebelly, Kobold King

03281: Spirit of the Forest

03239: Krug, Hill Giant Chieftain

03208: Brass Bull

03146: Frog Men (2)

02977: Gogglers(3)

02941: Ghouls and Ghast (3)

02871: Wererats (2)

02830: Wolf Pack (3)

02788: Leorelex, Dragon Lion

02737: Dung Monster

02674: Chimera


OK I could go on.. really my answer is “everything”, in fact I’d be happy if everything went Bones from now on except the Masterpieces and Special Editions lines.

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The Undead Troll by Ben Siens. I have a bunch of them already in metal, but I'd buy a lot more because I am hopelessly obsessed with this figure.


And the Beast Men by Ben Siens.


I haven't looked to see if these are available already... shame on me. I will look now. Ben Siens is the greatest.

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I'm heavily biased by my current project, but I'd really like to see some sort of "swarmer" bug-alien type ... or some sort of fantasy monster that could pass for such. For instance, a plastic version of 02976 "Astral Mauler" might do the trick, or maybe 14638 "Shade Beast" -- preferably something in the neighborhood of human-sized, and looking as if it could pass for some scurrying alien haunting a hulking derelict starship, for my IMEF troopers to blow away by the dozen.


In plastic, I could justify buying them in larger numbers (and it'd be even better if they were available in two-packs or three-packs if that brings the cost down further). After all, it's more fun when you can have a SWARM of miniatures to have pouring through the corridors toward the heroes. :)


After browsing the kickstarter offerings (woo-hoo!) I got to thinking about maybe running a fantasy campaign again sometime ... and one thing that occurred to me that I could really use in plastic (and in quantity) would be self-standing DOOR markers.


I've made a few using Hirst Arts Castlemolds Hydrocal castings, but plastic is a lot more durable and easy to store (but a lot more expensive to cast, and harder on the molds). They're handy to have when using map tiles or wipe-off mats for dungeon layouts, to keep track of door locations and whether the doors are open or closed. A simple wooden door might not seem all that exciting, but it might be spiced up a bit with a decorative door frame, and sold in packs (since who is going to want just ONE door, anyway?). If someone really doesn't like the "self-standing" part of the door (an extended base), then with Bones plastic it should be pretty easy to cut off, and if someone's not keen on any decorative elements, those too could be easily trimmed off. For those who aren't into RPGs, and more just into the craft angle, a door piece might still make for a nice framing element or useful for dioramas.


If the Bones line is ever expanded to include Chronoscope figures, some sort of "generic modern" door would be nice, and/or a futuristic/sci-fi door. (I'm especially fond of those sci-fi door designs with two door halves that "interlock" visibly together, even if I'm not sure at all what practical purpose that serves. :D Either that or an "iris" hatch.)

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