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I hate asking about non-reaper figs here...but...


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hello, it's been a awhile.


although i've bought plentiful Reaper Miniatures, and i enjoy how ubiquitously available they are across the miniatures world, this forum has some good people on it with some good coverage. so i have to ask about non-Reaper stuff that has apparently gone the way of the dodo...that i want with enough desire to end worlds.


so i ask if you have seen or heard if certain mini's are hiding in a corner or are otherwise gone to history, do tell!!


AEG Clan War, Shadowlands faction:


Lost Moto: should have 2 skeletal horsemen w/ sashimono banner per blister, used to run about 12 USD...






i need about 5, i could use about 12, i'd want about 20 or so...


i already found the blister with the Undead Horseman general...i just need access to some troops.



message me, if you see these, please!


much grace and infinite thank you!!! ::D:

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Darn, I used to have a whole box of unfinished Clan War figures from just about ever faction, including Shadowlands. I'm sure I had several of these but the box they were in (along with several others boxes of my stuff) went missing during a cross-country move a few years ago. :down:

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Oh, BTW, i have actually run a dialogue with the owner of Valiant: says that they get what they can. it's about either finding and owning the green, or getting very fresh molds of past prodcutions. from what i understand Reaper has helped him out as much as possible, but some mini's are just hard to get...


i am kinda shocked they found all 4 dragons...supposedly they have banners they can use but no actual miniature for the Moto...odd!

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