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Bones review


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I took these with me to Cold Wars and they went over pretty well.


It is cool to have models just ready to go for P&T. I also tested them out in the speed painting, but didn't get to use the skellies for my class like I would have liked to - since I was scheduled to paint 15mm.


From playing with them - it seems like the initial coat of paint doesn't stick great right away, but once it is on they are great. I think perhaps prep work of just soaking them in soapy water and letting them dry may be in order, but really - compared to pulling flash off, washing and priming - this is so easy. :) Feedback was really positive - people thought they were cool. We found paint dries a little bit glossy on them, but that is easily fixed in sealing. We airbrushed a purple worm in an airbrush demo class - and it took paint brilliantly.


I also love the flexibility of them. I was banging on the skellie with the spear - you know, simulating a hamfisted socially awkward war gamer - and it kept bouncing back to where it should be.


I'm really quite impressed by these - these are cool. Plus you guys actually did the "metal is getting spendy - we are going with a cheaper alternative" - went with plastic and not only didn't raise prices - you dropped them.


I can't say enough good things about these!


Now - suggestions


1) A horse - Unpainted, plastic horses would be a godsend to P&T, and hobby classes since EVERYONE wants horse classes. Just a simple horse - no tack or anything. Might be nice for gamers too since they can kit it out the way they want.


2) Noone does giant ants. Steve Jackson did some in metal a while back and in concept they were cool, but in practice they were terrible. Cheap plastic giant ants might be cool, they are good for most genres of gaming as well. I know you can get toy ants at the store, but they are either EXCEPTIONALLY huge, or the little awful plastic ones. An ant the size of a cavalry mount would be really fun.

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I was quite pleased with the detailing in them - I don't particularly like the plastic used in most PPMs (although to be fair, lately I love repainting hero and horroclix)


I think the details are just as sharp as the metals, and I don't have to worry as much about bits like swords and spears snapping easily. My only personal "complaint" is they come in white, and I like painting on black, so I'll end up hitting them with black gesso anyways. Not really much of a downside for me. ;)

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My order arrived a bit ago (most of the Bones models available currently). By far the lightest box I've ever received from Reaper, by the way.


Fantastic! I found faint mold lines on a couple models, but that should be easy in the extreme to remove, given the material. Detail really is every bit as good as the metal. The texture is fine, seems like it should take paint fine, though I will likely give it a light prime or ink wash to bring out detail anyway (these old eyes don't do well with white). The purple worm is thick enough that it takes a lot of force to bend at all. The bendability on the gnoll is as advertised. The mace and the spikes on the shield are pretty flexible, but it seems to be just about the right amount to prevent breakage, but I can't see any negative to it. One odd thing, the gnoll's right arm seems to be a separate piece but already assembled. This isn't good or bad in my opinion, just unusual.


Now that I have the actual models in hand, I can honestly say that they are everything Reaper claimed them to be (granted, I've yet to put paint to them, but even if they wind up needing primer - which i really doubt now - they are full win). This is an even more brilliant move on Reaper's part than P-65 was. Now I only hope they go whole hog on this line ASAP.


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1) A horse - Unpainted, plastic horses would be a godsend to P&T, and hobby classes since EVERYONE wants horse classes. Just a simple horse - no tack or anything. Might be nice for gamers too since they can kit it out the way they want.


"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!"


I wholeheartedly agree; no tack or anything would be excellent, but I would LOVE to get my hands on them if there were say, 4 or 5 horse variants. I'd buy bucket loads of them and then I could make my own harnesses and saddle designs, cloth barding, or metal amour, I think this would be the best idea ever. I've tried sculpting horses and mine were just unbelievably terrible.


This would be a perfect way for a line like Bones to go, in my opinion. All the really useful things that are, alot of the time, unfeasible to buy in metal or resin when you chop them up, get it wrong and have to buy another; on my kind of budget - the possibilities.... :wow:

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I received my order today. I didn't post any reviews here at Reaper, but started a threat at theminiaturespage.com since I wanted to reach a wider, non-reaper audience. In terms of mold lines, it seems like metal files will do the trick, but it took me a bit more effort to file than a metal mini. Nicely, it didn't scrape up into little tendrils of plastic (unlike some other soft plastic figures) so it is effective.


Just to try it out, I tried to glue two bases together with MEK. There was little to no response from the material. So unfortunately not a glue that can be used (I was hoping, but figured it wouldn't work). I also put a daub of MSP on the base of one, and once dry tried to scrape it off. I was able to do it, but it took a bit of effort to do (i could feel my fingernail bend slightly doing it!). I'm going to try it out tonight with GW acrylics and see how they work on these, especially with proper thinning, as well as over primer...



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