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Nature Warden & Ostog the Unslain


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Hello, been a while since I posted stuff. C&C always welcome, thanks for looking! ::): Here is the Nature Warden from Pathfinder:








And Ostog the Unslain also from Pathfinder:







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Anne strikes again. I have been missing seeing your stuff up here. Lovely work as always. If I had to crit any of it, I would say the second mini is not up to your typical standard in my opinion. It is still really well done, but it feels like maybe you rushed that one a wee bit?

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Thanks everyone, nice to be back! ::): The second figure I did I didn't do as much with the basing since the fellow whom it's for is going to be using him in battle I believe. For the little leaves on the 1st one, I painted both sides of some slightly heavier paper and then cut small leaf shapes when dry. They may still be a bit on the larger size but hopefully seem believeable as some sort of fallen foliage.

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